6 Must Haves for Stunning Lohri Party and Celebrations

6 Must Haves for Stunning Lohri Party and Celebrations

If you are organizing a Lohri party this year then ensure that you do not miss out on any essentials. There are a lot of things that are important to complete your Lohri celebrations. So that you add all the ingredients to make your Lohri party the best this year here we are with some help. Not only are these essentials of a Lohri party but without these you will not be able to attract the required charm for your Lohri celebrations. Here are the 6 must haves for stunning lohri party and celebrations.

  1. Bonfire

Bornfire is the central feature of Lohri celebrations. You can expect to call your party a Lohri Party in case you forget to arrange for a bonfire. Apart from arranging for a bonfire you ought to arrange for the trays of revdis, gajak and groundnuts that are kept close to it and is handy for all. Never depend on guest to sing the folk song, “Sunder mundriye ho!” as not many of the guests might know the lyrics properly. For this it is better that you hire the professionals. As an alternative you can also play the song via digital medium. Ensure that you make provisions that children are unable to get too close to the bonfire.

  1. Dhol and Bhangra

For lohri celebration Dholwala plays an integral role. You can miss out on anything but not the Dholwala who gets everyone dancing to the beats of Dhol. For Lohri parties that are not being organized on a large scale, dholki will be a good idea. You cannot expect the Lohri celebrations to be complete unless all and sundry in the party does Bhangra. In case you are unable to arrange for the above, there is no need to get disheartened as you can always make people enjoy Bhangra on a plenty of hit Punjabi songs that re available on internet today. For high key parties, you can also call live Punjabi singers as well as the Pop Bhangra dancers.

  1. Lohri party games

Lohri celebrations as already said are incomplete without dancing and singing. Both these forms of expressing joy are in itself the purest form of entertainment. However, if you desire then you can always add a twist to the same.  You can add some games to the party. These can be a minute or two minute games that re full of entertainment. You can thoroughly read our guide to decide as to what games you can add to your Lohri party. Ensure that each game you add, you also add a gift for the winner.  Prize is always a great motivator for young and old alike. Irrespective of what games you add, you should always reward the person in the party who dances to the beats of the Dhol unlike anybody else in the party.

  1. Traditional attire

Dressing up well adds to the essence of any celebration. If it is Lohri theme party then dressing up gets all the more fun. Ideally people go in for traditional dressing. You can remain ahead of others by going in for dressing up specifically in the traditional Punjabi attire. For this you need to have or especially get tailored a patiala salwar and short kurtas that you can always pair up with phulkari dupattas as well as parandis. As far as men are concerned thy can always opt for Punjabi salwar and kurta along with colourful juttis. To make sure that everyone takes dressing up for this occasion seriously, you can keep a prize. The one who dresses up the best can be rewarded with the prize. This way next year more of guests will put in efforts to get ready for the Lohri party.

  1. Lohri gifts

When people come to attend a Lohri party at your house they never come empty handed. However, it is not the gift for which you crave their presence but because of the bond that you share with them that you wish them to attend the party. Thus, the most appropriate way to balance this is returning the favour. This implies that you ought to give your guests a return gift not because they have got a gift for you but because they spared time to attend your party. Many of us remain confused as to what can be the best return gift. The answer to this question is very simple. One of the most common return gifts for Lohri party is a decent sized hamper that contains goodies that are an important part of this festival. You can make things like popcorn, gajak, revdis as well as groundnuts an important part of your hamper. There are few modern ideas also. You can go in for making peanut butter cupcakes and offer these in Lohri theme decorations beautifully packed. These days people also appreciate dry fruits.

  1. Return gifts for children

Return gifts cannot be the same for adults and children. This is because kids are somehow more enthusiastic and curious to know what they will be getting while leaving the party. So, it is your responsibility to make their wait fruitful by offering them something that can bring a smile on their face. You can gift them a book that contains Lohri tales and rhymes, some stickers that are related to Lohri celebrations or else craft activities and a kite can also be a good idea. Eating goodies remain to be the favourite of all irrespective of age, so you can obviously consider the same.

All in all, these are the 6 must haves for stunning lohri party and celebrations. Make sure that when you plan a lohri party you nacre provisions for all the aforementioned things as well. all these things are easy to arrange for with you having to make minimal efforts. In case there is something more that you aspire for in a Lohri party then drop us a comment below.

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