Top 7 Things to Avoid doing During Shraadh Period

Top 7 Things to Avoid doing During Shraadh Period

Pind Puja that is popularly known as Shraadh is performed for their ancestors to pay respect as well as homage to the ancestors. The time period is therefore also called Pitra Paksh. People usually follow a plethora of rules and customs that are a sign of respect for their ancestors during the Shraadh period. Though there are a lot of things that you are supposed to do during this period there are a plenty of things that you must not do. Here we are with a list of top 7 things to avoid doing during shraadh period.

  1. Do not refuse Food Or Water To Anyone

At many places it is claimed that during the Shraadh period, the ancestors of your visit your home in one way or the other. You may get a visit by your ancestors in disguise. So that you do not offend them it is a must that you do not refuse food or water to anyone. Even if there is a stranger at your place, give him the water and the food.

  1. Do not hurt living beings, intentionally or unintentionally

It is an obvious fact in the support of humanity that you should never hurt anyone be it humans or animals. However, it is believed that such a thing becomes even more sinful if done during the Pitra Period. Usually the animals, especially, the crows and dogs, are given the Pitra prasaad after the Shraadh. You therefore ought to be very cautious about how you treat them during the Pitra Paksh.

  1. Do not eat non vegeterian food

During this period you must avoid consumption of any sort of meat as well as the meat products that included even the egg. You must also abstain yourself from consuming hard drinks as well as products that contain tobacco. It is also believed by many that you must not go in for making use of the onions as well as garlic. As an alternative you must consume only pure saatvik food during this period. Though, this is the belief of many but we still suggest you to be conscious about your health and eat as per what suits your health the best.

  1. Do not indulge in grooming activities

This time period at places is considered to be the ‘mourning period’. This is the time when we are considered to be extra devoted towards the loved ones that are in heaven. Thus, in such a time period you must avoid any sort of a grooming activity. These activities include cutting nails or hair in addition to shaving your beard. You msut avoid doing all this.

  1. Do not buy anything new or use anything new for first time

In all the religions it is believed that doing things like buying clothes and jewelry, cars and property is ideally a sign of happiness. Also, it is a sign of celebration. However, you must not indulge in any such activity during the period of shradh. You ideally must  refrain from purchasing these things. Even if you have bought things prior to the Pitra Paksh period and these are still lying unused at your place then again you must refrain from making  use of it for the very first time during this time period. Ideally, you must wait for  the Navratra to make use of such items and purchasing things on the first place.

  1. Do not indulge in conducting auspicious functions

There is a lot of time to indulge in activities that gives you happiness or the ones that are considered to be holy. During this period, you must not indulge in doing any suspicious activities. These activities include marriage, settling the marriage affairs, any kind of ceremony that relates to birth. You must keep all these ceremonies once this period is over.

  1. Do not go out for dinner as a guest

It is said that if you are eating as a guest at someone elses place during the period of shraadh then it will transfer all the host’s Pitr to you. If such a thing happens, then eventually the host’s pitr  gets attached to you. This means that you will end up falling a  prey to the ‘salt-debt’ of the host. To counter act this, you will be required to perform the remedial puja. Thus, you must stick to dinning at your own place.

All in all, these are top 7 things to avoid doing during shraadh period. Though we believe and promote the idea that all the days of the year are equal. Yet if you have any inclination towards believing in things like these then do follow the list. There is no harm in doing so. Shraadh is considered to be a very important ritual of the Hindu tradition. Also, it is believed that performing this ritual with whole devotion eventually makes your ancestors satiated. They in turn then bless you with not only health, wealth but also all the pleasures of the wonderful life.

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