All Time Favourite Christmas Party Themes

All Time Favourite Christmas Party Themes

Choosing a Christmas party theme is no longer a cumbersome task. We are here ready with a list of themes. You can choose any of these and get going with the preparing for the Christmas party. You can follow our guide to take help at organizing a Christmas party.

Christmas Party Themes

  1. Traditional Christmas

This Christmas go in for hosting a classic Christmas party and get your loved ones in holiday spirit. Make preparations for decorating the party venue with the conventional red and green patterns. These are the conventional colours associated with Christmas celebrations since ages. Christmas treats ought to be cheerful as well as jolly. Go in or employing stockings and mini-Christmas trees, wreaths as well as over-sized ornaments in addition to the Christmas lights that give you an entirely traditional feeling. Print your Christmas invitations also in a similar fashion, the combination of green and red.

1. Religious Christmas

‘We Three Kings’ party is known to be one of the most elegant yet the religious party theme. The colour combination here ought to be fluctuating between white, black, and gold colour. The origin of this theme can be traced back to the three Wise Men who went to Bethlehem to rejoice the birth of baby Jesus. The treasures and regal designs in addition to jewels are the major items of decorations in this particular theme party.

  1. Santa Claus Soiree

In this particular type of a theme part you need to make santa a part of each and everything. Be it the decorations, the Christmas tree, the games, the entrance, the cake, everything needs to be Santa-inspired for this particular theme. To make this theme party a memorable one for you and for your guests it is important that you dress up one of the members as santa and spread the joy among children and adults equally.

  1. Peppermint Party

This theme party is basically a dream come true for the food lovers. This theme is also popular by the name of candy cane party and this theme has all to do with the food and treats. Ranging from peppermint hot chocolate to the peppermint cocktails or mocktails in addition to peppermint fudge and peppermint bark, everything has to do a lot with eating. As far as decorations are concerned you need to decorate the party venue with classic red as well as white striped theme. As an alternative you can also form the basis of your party decor on multi-colored candy canes.

  1. Winter Wonderland

This theme is the most favourite of kids especially. You can make your house a little Winter Wonderland by filling it with the essence of snowflakes. For this you need to go in for white décor in addition to having a snowman. This is one of the most elegant as well as a grand theme that is characterized by a plethora of white as well as silver decorations flourishing through the entire venue of the party. You can also set up an all-white dessert bar. Anything that inspires or is inspired from snowflakes can be a part of your décor for this party.

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  1. Reindeer Party

If you want to add the desired charm to your Christmas party then the you can go in for Reindeer themed Christmas party. Like the traditional Christmas party this one also included the red and green colour combination but you can do something special with the log centerpieces and reindeer treats in addition to getting creative with the sleigh bells. Another thing that you can do is to pass on the antlers as well as the red noses to all the guests that you have invited. This will add fun to the party.

  1. Elf Party

Though Santa Claus remains to be the centre of attraction on Christmas parties but it is not always Santa that steals the show. There are these little helpers of Santa who can be the star of the show. We are suggesting you to go in for elf themed Christmas party which is quite exciting and fun. You can make use of several props and opt for the elf-inspired decorations.

  1. Nutcracker Ballet Party

This type of theme has basically to do with the décor. You have to decorate the party venue with the angels and the ballet dancers. In addition to this, you can go in for anything that is a decorative and has something to do with the winter-inspired decorations. There is an option to decorate the place with toy soldiers.

  1. Christmas Costume Party

In this type of a theme part you are supposed to ask your guests to come fully dressed. They need to show up at the party wearing a costume that is associated in one way or the other with the Christmas. You can either dress up in green and red which are the colours of Christmas or go in for finding the costume like that of a Santa.

All in all, these are the all time favourite christmas party themes. You can go in for choosing the one that suits your need the most.

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