An adventurous trip from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar via Pune

An adventurous trip from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar via Pune

Tucked away in the lap of the gorgeous Sahyadri Mountains, Mahabaleshwar is a paradise with magical landscapes and stunning vistas. The year around cool, pleasant weather, the spectacular views of lush green hills, the imaginably gorgeous sunsets and sunrises here, the enormous expanse of evergreen forests, and the never-ending supply of juicy strawberries together provide an unforgettable experience. One of the most convenient ways of traveling to Mahabaleshwar is by taking a road trip from Mumbai. There are many car rental companies that offer taxi services along this route. You can go for Savaari’s reliable Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar cabs service. The 260 km distance can be easily covered in under 5 hours, but how about a little adventure en-route? Here’s our little adventurous guide to traveling from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar and covering some interesting places along the way. Read on!

Adai Waterfalls, Panvel

Adai Waterfalls, PanvelOne of Panvel’s popular tourist places is Adai Waterfalls where you can imbibe peace and tranquility in the lap of nature. For the tired city souls, this waterfall offers a great escape from the city’s hustle. The place is filled with the sweet sound of water flowing, a therapeutic touch of greenery for your eyes and birds chirping in the midst of all these. A short trek leads you to the waterfall. Once there, enjoy the splashing cold water collecting in the pool or have a quiet picnic by its side. At the time of monsoon, you will find this fall clothed in silver mist mixed with the sweet fragrance of the earth. People like to spend their weekends during monsoons here.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Panvel

Karnala Bird Sanctuary, PanvelThe Karnala Bird Sanctuary is popular among birding enthusiasts and hikers who want to get away from concrete jungles. Located close to the Karnala Fort, the sanctuary also has an added historic attraction besides being a wonderful weekend getaway for hikers, picnickers and of course, bird lovers looking for some peace and quiet.

Imagica, Khopoli

Imagica, KhopoliThe enormous entertainment park is divided into three entertainment zones namely Theme Park, Snow Park and Water Park. This kingdom of entertainment is packed with a plethora of amusements and leisure activities suitable for all age groups. Apart from luxurious accommodation, dining and shopping options, this theme park also offers some self-made live performances of acrobats, hip-hop dancing, magic show and several other enthralling activities. Located at a distance of 75 km from Mumbai and about 91 km from Pune, it is a favourite among both adults and children.

Tiger’s Leap, Khandala

Tiger’s Leap, KhandalaThis viewpoint leaves tourists in awe of the wondrous hill town from over 650m. The echo point is a major fascination. During the monsoon, the waterfall here also attracts many tourists. People named the viewpoint Tiger’s Leap because of its appearance. A clear formation of the mountains giving the shape of a tiger leaping into the valley made locals call this place the Tiger’s Viewpoint.

Bedse Caves, Pune

Bedse Caves, PuneDating back to 60th Century BC, Bedse caves are believed to be one of the oldest caves in Maharashtra. These are situated in a hilly location. Known for their impressive carvings, the caves are sure to delight history and architecture buffs. The entrance of the caves is adorned by pillars and columns. Inside the cave, you will find several sculptures of horses, bulls, elephants and deities. In addition to the big cave, there are countless small caves and a cave built solely for the purpose of meditation. These caves have water tanks beneath them to provide a natural cooling effect. It is known that the various travellers who took shelter in these caves over the years placed their wares here.

Shaniwar Wada, Pune

Shaniwar Wada, PuneShaniwarwada is a 286-year-old mansion that was once the seat of the Peshwa governance. Now a fine and classic example of Maratha architecture in the city, there is more to Shaniwar Wada than what meets the eye. Ironically, old Pune is laid out in an extremely chaotic yet orderly manner all around this same historical structure. It is around Shaniwar Wada that you will find some of the oldest markets in Pune including Laxmi Road, Tulshibaug, Ravivar Peth, etc. And if rumors are to be believed, it is said that on a full moon night the fort is haunted by the ghost of a former Peshwa king Narayanrao as he was murdered in the same palace by his aunt and uncle. So, you can get a glimpse of history and some drama as well! Not to forget, this was the site of the famed romance between Peshwa Bajirao and Mastani Sahiba.R


WaiLocated on the banks of the river Krishna is a small city called Wai near Panchgani. Known for its seven ghats, Wai is also quite renowned for the countless temples dotting its terrain. Pandhavgarh fort is another nearby attraction that is frequented by trekkers to satiate their adrenaline rush.

It takes another hour to reach Mahabaleshwar from Wai. As is evident, the road trip from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar is a pretty happening one if you decide to explore all the little pit-stops. Alternatively, you can avail Savaari’s Mumbai to Pune cab with a driver to explore the gems on the way, relax for a day or two in Pune, and then head towards Mahabaleshwar.

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