Avoid these Top 10 Job Interview Mistakes

Prevention is better than cure! As this medical saying goes, talking about to avoid certain habits to escape from diseases, rather than letting them ruin your life. This also applies for you while facing interviews for any job selection. It is wiser not to commit any mistakes, than to trying to escape from them after. Once you have committed a mistake, in order to escape from it, you will continue to commit several blunders without even hesitation. At a later time, when it is revealed, you will see a big hole in your career that grabs everything good about you into it. These top 10 tips will help you in avoiding many job interview mistakes that we most commonly commit while facing a job interview:

  1. Appearing uninterested

Be aware that both your verbal and non verbal language conveys messages that are evaluated by an interviewer. So, it is important to observe your postures as well while attending an interview. Keep your back straight, and be attentive while talking.

  1. Never use your phone

Keep your phone switched off, and don’t cause any irritation to the interviewer with polyphonic ringtones playing on your phone while interview is going on.

  1. Dress appropriately

The dress that you wear speaks for yourself in creating an impression on you. So it is wise to avoid attending for an interview wearing colourful tea shirts and jeans pants.

  1. Fumbling answers

The interviewer can easily notice your lack of seriousness in the interview with your incorrect or incomplete answers for your questions. So, don’t lose your sight and keep your head in the game!

  1. Never loose talk your prior employers

Never try to mislead the interviewer by giving false opinions or negative remarks about your previous employers. Doing so will only put a remark on you that you are a bad mouthed person.

  1. Talk sufficiently

Never overrun on your conversations with your interviewer just because it seems comfortable for you. Be wiser, talk just adequately and put a cama in between.

  1. Observe your body language

Just small things like smile, eye contact, body odour, bad posture, farting, or even a weak handshake can represent your confidence to your interviewers. So, it is better to be observant about your body language while in an interview.

  1. Provide some examples

It is better to back up what you are saying by providing some examples that you have faced in your career. This proves that whatever you are saying is true and keeps you confident all through your career.

  1. Do not falsify

Never lie in an interview, boasting about your good qualities, which are not true. Nobody is perfect. So, be what you are, keep boasting about yourself to a low level.

  1. Follow up after the interview

After finishing the interview, do not just leave and forget about it. Follow it up by reminding them about your performance at the interview. And try to confirm about the outcome of an interview. Following up, after facing an interview, shows to your employers that you are interested in the job.

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