Best Christmas Party Fun Games and Activities

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If you are planning to organize a Christmas party then there is one more thing that you need to plan. In order to keep your guests fully entertained, it is important that arrange for some fun games and activities. If you are confused about which activities and games to include, we are here to provide a helping hand. Here are the best christmas party fun games and activities for themed Christmas party.

Best Christmas Games

  1. Gingerbread House Decorating Competition

Almost all of us are fond of gingerbread house. This is one activity that is not only fun but at the same time also delicious. You can make this lucrative decorating activity an exciting competition for all by sparing juts a little time. All you need to do is divide your guests into small pairs. Next you need to hand them a gingerbread house kit in addition to frosting as well as decorations. The one to come up with the most stunning and creative idea, wins the competition.

  1. White Elephant

White Elephant is one of the most popular classic Christmas games. Almost all the families out there love playing this game. It is basically a gift exchange game that consists of the participants randomly opening a gift from the communal table. The participant has an option to either keep his own gift or choose someone else’s gift when it is his turn. At the end when there are no more gifts left on the table, the game ends. The gift that you have in your hand is yours whether you like it or not.

  1. Christmas Gift Wrap Relay

This is a really fun game that is full of energy. Here you need to make provision of gifts that have odd shapes, next you need to ask your guests to wrap these gifts that have odd shapes.  You can divide your guests into two groups. The group that does it first is the winner.


  1. Christmas Stocking Relay

This particular game tests your patience level but is actually very fun to play. Here you need jelly beans as an important ingredient to conduct the game. You can divide your guests into two groups. The guests are required to fill their stocking with the jelly beans or say the Christmas candies. The only challenge that the guts have to face is that each member needs to make use of the spoon while dashing across the room to fill their stocking. The team that completes the task first wins.

  1. Christmas Karaoke

One fun activity that you can do with your guests is karaoke. You need to gather all your guest for the rounds of karaoke that features some of the all-time favourite Christmas tunes. This activity is easy to conduct and liked by all as it fills guests with the Christmas spirit.

  1. Christmas Crafts

This one is popular among children. All you need to do is keep your table well supplied with the basic ingredients of arts and crafts. Here you can include activities like homemade ornaments and stocking decorations in addition to paper snowflakes plus angels.

Christmas Party

  1. Cookie Decorating

You can set up a fantastic cookie decorating table for the guests. Next you need to make provision of different Christmas-shaped sugar cookies so that the participants can get going. Making use of accessories liked coloured icing will further satisfy your guests.

All in all, these are the best christmas party fun games and activities that you can consider making a part of your Christmas party.

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