Top 7 Best Recruiting Apps for Android Users

Top 7 Best Recruiting Apps for Android Users

There are new apps being launched every day. These are to do with different aspects of your personal and professional life. on our list there has been an addition of few more Android Apps You Should Try This Week. The Latest Technology News claim that there are a number of apps that are apparently on the verge of being launched in the market. Among all the useful apps that you can download today we are here to discuss about the Best Recruiting Apps For Android Users. Here are the top 7 best recruiting apps for android users. In our list we have included some apps that cannot be strictly termed as the “recruiting app,” but are in one way or the other helpful in the process of recruiting.

1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular recruiting apps for android users. It is basically a note-taking app that syncs across your gadgets, implying that you can access the notes that you have prepared on your phone with the help of your desktop that too automatically. You can then share these notes very easily among the people. This is most important for the recruiting process taking into consideration the collaboration aspect.

2. ProsperWorks

ProsperWorks claims to be the “zero-input CRM platform.” Implying that there is no need for you to indulge in any sort of data entry as ProsperWorks is the app that automatically takes care of the same. It gathers the contact information and tracks all the activity without any effort on your end. Talking specifically about the recruiters, this means that they can spend more time on working specifically with the candidates not requiring to fiddle with the computer.

3. InstaJob

You can go in for giving a job advertisement in a comparatively interesting way with the help of apps like InstaJob. With the help of this, you can turn any picture into a beautiful and a fruitful job ad. You can then share the same across diverse social platforms. InstaJob should be an ideal choice for the recruiters as using this you can reach a higher number of potential candidates through social media. It forms and indulges in the creation of attractive Instagram-type images which can possibly contain any sort of the marketing message that you want. The best part is that this picture gets shared by others as well.

4. Discoverly

Discoverly is basically a browser plugin that almost all the recruiters out there have installed. It basically unifies all your social media platforms. This means that if you are looking at the profile of a candidate on LinkedIn with Discoverly enabled then you can also filter the required information from the other social networking sites like Facebook also without having to leave LinkedIn.

5. InterQ

InterQ makes an effort to make the interviews even more valuable by simply turning them into the real, the more substantial conversations instead of an awkward Q&A sessions that these usually are. Prior to the interview, the candidate gets a few questions with the help of the app. The candidate then answers all the questions wherein the app uses these answers to generate the discussion guide that the interviewer can employ to make sure that the interview is actually more meaningful as well as relevant.

6. CamCard

CamCard is for all those who are not good with maintain the cards that people hand them over at different places and different occasions. If you fear losing or misplacing these visiting cards then it is an appropriate time for you that you download this app. using this app you can save the business cards to your phone and then have them with you at all the times. This way you can also search for the content. Not only this, but at the same time you can also exchange your business card with others electronically.

7. Crowdfire

Crowdfire which is a friend management platform helps you to stay on top of the key areas of the interest as well as the people on Twitter plus Instagram. You can simply preload keywords in general terms like that of recruiting or that are specific to a given job title. Based on this, you will receive the recommendations of the people you should follow. It also helps you to keep on top of who has now started following you or who engages the most with your content. Also, it keeps an eye on who is unfollowing you. To put it in other words, the Crowdfire app is actually a great way to manage all your relationships with the potential candidates who are active on the social media.

All in all, these are the top 7 best recruiting apps for android users . These are the apps that are making our lives more easy and convenient. These are quite effective and comparatively more efficient than the others out there in the market.

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