Be Cool, Be You…Express Yourself and Share your soul…Only with Reflete

Creating daring dreams on a blank canvas, igniting the imagination to think beyond…these new age designers bring a whole new spectrum of creativity to life

New Delhi, September, 2016: Fights of imagination, a galaxy of stars, punk street style, musical notes that float around…or a sepia building framed forever in vintage chic…..Reflete has it all and more. Taking THE digital print story across apparel, shoes, knick knacks and home accessories, Reflete brings a new fashion lexicon, mixing imagination and technology to create a new language for design. the brand offers unconventional and quirky designs digitally printed on the merchandise, ranging from t-shirts to footwear to accessories to customized home décor products, available on reflete. Expression, freedom, liberal thought process and stepping out of the comfort zone is what best describes the inspiration behind Reflete. The philosophy is.


Gothic, geometric, hippie, nature, floral, jungle and many more are the designs that form the thrust of the patterns and printing at Reflete. A rebel by heart! Or a Nature lover! Avid Traveler! Or Freedom lover! Inspired by musical notes…with a song in your heart. Get all this and much more printed on what you wear, on what you use or on anything that enhances your home décor. Reflete has it all!


Cool and affordable fashion is what the brand offers. Stand out among the crowd by sporting that wacky t-shirt or flaunt those cool sneakers when you step out. Get home décor merchandise customized as per your style and let your house reflect your personality with the prints and the super quality products. Give each outfit a new look with a new design or let your rooms reflect who you are! Affordable fashion is the mantra of the brand.

reflete-fritzie-wall-clock-inr-500-1Creativity is the key at Reflete. The designs are the imagination of the brand owners, their experiences and a team of talented graphic designers that come up with interesting concepts themes and designs. The quality of material used in the products plays a major role for the brand and it keeps in mind that utmost quality control is taken care of while crafting the products. The brand is also venturing into 3D printing where the prints could be seen only through 3D glasses, thus, making it the first to try its hands on the newest and coolest technique ever.


Reflete has evolved from being a pioneer in introducing digital printing in India to adopting this manifesting technology to create high quality products with edgy designs. The most crucial element of Reflete that helps it deliver is its technological research and development. The omnipotent knowledge of its designers with cutting edge technology is a winning combination for Reflète.  The brand moves towards the pathway to continuously create something new and better. Reflete believes in no restriction to creativity.


Reflete is undoubtedly introducing a new fashion lexicon as it introduces high quality products in apparel, fashion accessories, home décor and gifting. Their designs are inspired by the every day and the exotic! Whether you’re the goth, the hippie, the nature lover or the modernist, you will undoubtedly find your voice and choice at Reflete!



Imagine a brand that allows you to express yourself, regardless of what your personal style is! Imagine the same brand being able to dress your best friend whose choices are completely different from yours! This is the USP of Reflete, a coolest new lifestyle brand in India!


For further information, please contact:


Shriya Mishra / 9650785276


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