Top 10 Most Latest News Related To The Life Of Divyanka Tripathi

It has become a trend these days to stay connected with your role models with the help of social networking sites. Many of us are active on the social networking sites like Instagram. Here the privilege is that we can follow the people whom we adore. Now for those who are not so active on the site, we have for you certain clicks straight from the account of the most loved television star Divyanka Tripathi.












You have shown a keen interest in the activities of the actress when she was getting married and showered her with all the love, affection and blessing. The scenario of the wedding had not even faded a little that the actress came to the light as the participant of the most awaited dance show. Here is a list of Top 10 Most Recent Posts Related To The Life Of Divyanka Tripathi:

1.Romance wala dance



The most recent post of the actress with the tagline,” #RomanceWalaDance “ says it all. She is not only enjoying dancing but she is also enjoying the romance that the dance is getting in her life. All this is via Nach Baliye 8.

2.Interest in The Test Case

No, she is not only busy doing her shows but is also busy appreciating the efforts of the others who work hard. “Loved the promos…Time to watch it now! #PowerfulWomen need no #empowerment! They can take care of themselves wherever, however! #TheTestCase @altbalaji”, says she as she posts the above picture.

3.Little baby comes to lift the spirit


Maintain good relationships with everyone that you meet is not an easy task. However, as you all know that this lady is a charmer, so she dies it well. It is not only on screen that she is such a loving soul but otherwise also she has a heart of gold. “When my little baby came by to lift up my spirits. Thank you @ruhaanikad.”, these are the words that she wrote to thank her on-screen daughter Ruhi for lifting her morale by visiting the sets of Nach Baliye. Says she, “(P.S. This #Selfie is for you Roo.)”

4.Birthday post

It is really tough to maintain a balance between the personal and the professional life but this all-rounder does all this. In a hectic schedule that she has to follow, she does not forgets the important events like the birthdays. She makes sure to make the other one feel special by posting a picture on the social networking site. Writes she in the post, “Very very Happy birthday to a wonderful person… Beautiful outside, angelic inside. Was shooting for Nach all day… Sorry for a late post.
Lots and lots and lots of love! @veenaasikcand”. Is not this incredible.

5.Michael Jackson/Madhuri Dixit


Nothing comes easy in life and so has she worked hard to achieve all the success in life that she today enjoys. At the dance reality show, the couple can be seen performing altogether completely different genres of dance. Says the actress, “Difficult to fit into these shoes…but none the less was so much fun!”. At the same time, the actress doesn’t forget to promote herself, says she, “Watch us do our favorites’ moves. #MichaelJackson #MadhuriDixit
#NachBaliye8 at 8pm on #StarPlus tonight.”

6.Relaxation at Goa

Many of you might always prefer goa as a holidaying spot, so does the actress. In a recent post of her, wrote she, “#GoaMemoir. It gives me a #PseudoFeel of much needed#Relaxation.” So now for those who are keen to know everything about the actress, you have got to know her favorite place for relaxation.



The actress was spotted asking people to turn up and show her their love in the following style. Posts the actress, “To Vote for ‘us’ in #FavouriteJodi and ‘me’ in#FavouriteDigital Female…
Please download #HotstarApp and Vote following the link above in my bio. International fans can see ‘#InternationalJodi’ category which can’t be seen on Indian sites to vote for #IshRa. So go on… Time to show your love.” Now when you have got to know the way to the heart of the queen then go and follow it and do vote.

8.Love for selfie

Be it some common girl or an actress who has all the fame, if it comes to taking selfies then no one can prevent herself. So is the case with this charmer. She can also be found posting her selfies on the social networking sites with the hashtag, #JustASelfie. You can see her most charming selfies on the social networking sites.



Are you wondering what these digits signify? If you are a true fan of the actress then you must know that this is the umber that can give you an offer to shower blessings on her. By dialing this number ou can vote for the actress and make Divek the winner of the dance reality show, Nach Baliye 8 . All that you need to do is give a missed call on the number, this is what the actress wants from you.



“Love hurts,” says Divyanka Tripathi. Now if you wish to know the truth behind what she actually meant by this then you all got to pay attention to the activities of the actress. Since the moment Nach Baliye 8 has been aired on Star Plus the actress can be seen promoting herself as she is one of the participants of the show. In a very different manner, she wishes you to know why she said so. In order to find out you need to watch the show at 8 PM every Saturday on star plus.

All in all, these posts by the actress might have helped you in one way or the other to find connections with her. These Most Recent Posts Related To The Life Of Divyanka Tripathi give an insight into the mind and heart of this beautiful actress.

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