Top 10 High Heels For Women To Shop For This Fall

high heels for women

High heels for women are rare to find. any classy lady knows her shoes well. This fall, walk confidently in these kitten heels  that are a must have. ‘Give a woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world’ is a great saying. Ask Cinderella, she will tell you. Women are love shopping, with shoes among the most frequent. There are different reasons why people shop for high heels and below are just but a few of them:

Gives you The look

One added advantage kitten heels  have is that you can achieve any look that you wish. With the many varieties, casual look, urban look or official look are easy to achieve. It is the way to go even when you do not have much to invest in shoes- four pairs are enough to achieve the diverse looks.

Make you taller

High heels for women do make you seemingly taller. If you are looking to make yourself seem a bit taller, heels are the way to go. This even makes it easier to reach shelves for example, during shopping.

Watch your walking

How you walk says a lot about you. Any expert will tell you. Wearing heels make you conscious of how you walk. It helps you watch your walking style and pay attention to how you do it. This is most especially to all working ladies out there. Grab a pair of high heels for women .

Without further ado, let’s take a peek into the top 10 classy high heels for classy women.


These are shoes with thin, high tapering heels. They can be up to eight inches long. Heeled stilettos come with class and elegance. The posture created by wearing this high heels for women is dazzling. In addition to this, stilettos have a lengthening effect on your legs that will leave you looking not only tall, but also attractive. This is a sure bet for any classy lady.

high heels for women


A wedge heel is simply a heel that has got no separation from the heel to the sole. It comes in variety of colors as well As height. These cheap high heels come with a better stability than any heels in the market. You can walk comfortably in them without strain. They are best worn with three-quarter pants or short skirts. high-heels-for-women

  1. PUMPS

These cheap high heels are commonly known as high heels. They have a low cut around the front . in addition, they have a  close back and  low front covering. Unlike stilettos, their heels are wider, 2-3 inches in height. Achieving stability and elegance is made possible with this cheap high heels.high-heels-for-women


Generally, this cheap high heels are distinguished from the rest of the heels by the part of the shoe under the sole, as it tends to be thicker. It is more comfortable because there’s less of height differentiation between the back and front of the foot.

Add elegance to your outfit with these high heels sandals. It is best as you can  wear with any outfit and still give the mesmerizing effect.high-heels-for-women


Wintertime comes with the need to keep calm at the same time maintain elegance. High heeled boots are cheap high heels that allow you to keep your legs warm, and keep the eyes too( if you know what I mean). Wear them  under or over jeans, but can also  wear with short skirts and short dresses. The choice is yours.high-heels-for-women


In for a tease? Put on these classy heels. You know that time when you have done manicure and your toes look so pretty that you can’t help it? Give everyone else a chance to see too. With these classy heels, your toes are easier to see, as it is cut at the toe sides to enable your toes to peep through.high-heels-for-women


When you have that outfit that blends with your skin tone, classy cut out heels are the way to go. The heels are designed in a way an upper portion is cut out for effect. They give a peek of your skin tone, giving you that confident look at the same time displaying creativity.



These high heels sandals have been trending for a while now. Whether you are working in an office, or out to meet friends, its functionality is immense. The heels have a strap that goes round the ankle, securing your heel, and making them comfortable to walk in.Find heels with straps that much your outfit for better effects. In addition, avoid wearing them with long pants as it kills the effect.ANKLE STRAP HEELS


These classy boots are an alternative to long boots. Best during spring or fall when full boots are too much to put up with. They come in different styles to suit your every wardrobe need. Put on some ankle boots and show some elegance  .


Closing the list of heels shoes every lady should have are corset heels. The high heels sandals have two sides which you tie together. Best worn with short dresses or skirts, preferably those that are flayer.


Choosing heels shoes  can be hectic especially with the many options. However, the above list are the best way to go for any classy lady.

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