Top 10 Must Experience Homestays in Himachal Pradesh

Homestay in Himachal Pradesh

One thing that plays a very important role while we travel is the accommodation we choose to stay. Among all the types of accommodations, the ones that are never disappointing are the homestays. In case you are visiting places like the Land Of Lords, then there are any options wherever you go. Here we are with a list of Top 10 must experience homestays in Himachal Pradesh. These are as follows:

  1. BirdsnChirps Homestay

BirdsnChirps Homestay

With one of the sides howcasing the Pir Panjal Ranges in the North, this is a perfect place to stay. On the other side of BirdsnChirps homestay is the  Valley of the Plains. The homestay is located elegantly on the main square in Dalhousie. This place is going to let you have a totally unique experience amidst the chirpings of the birds and the nature.

  1. Khem Bharti Homestay


Khem Bharti Homestay

This one is a home away from home when it comes to all the required amenities. Also, it is a rustic setup away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. you get to wake up with the chipping of the bird in the morning along with the peaceful and serene noise of the river that flows nearby.

  1. Miklam Homestay

Miklam Homestay

Miklam Homestay has been soothing the tired souls of the trekker since ages in Kaza. There can be no place better than staying in the one that is situated on the snowy mountain tops and at the same time well equipped with all the amenities. Staying here in itself is an experience that you will hardly find elsewhere.

  1. Kareri Village Homestay

Kareri Village Homestay

Kareri Village Homestay is surrounded by greenery and the peaceful elegant hills wrapped in the most craved scenic beauty. Dhauladhar range charms you on the one end and beautiful kangra valley on the other. This will be quite an exquisite experience for you.

  1. East View Homestay

East View Homestay

The East View Homestay is a secluded place in Chail that improves your expectation of a decent and peaceful stay in the aps of nature. You can have a look at the herds of sheep from the room window and enjoy the lush green cover that you will get to experience nowhere else. This is a place that is must visit if you wish to escape the hectic schedule of your daily life.

  1. Mahal Farms Country Home

Mahal Farms Country Home

Mahal Farms Country Home finds a decent location amongst the breath-taking views of the snow-capped mountain ranges in Kasauli. In the spare time that you have got you can enjoy strolling around the Gilbert’s Trail.

  1. Raju Bharti’s Guest House

Raju Bharti’s Guest House

This one finds a good location between the orchards as well as the plantations making your stay quite enriching. This is a place that is going to offer you a complete solitude if you desire peace on your vacation. At the same time, the central location lets you explore all the other tourists attractions without any problem.

  1. Bundla Tea Estate Homestay

Bundla Tea Estate Homestay

Bundla Tea Estate is a wonderful place to stay if you are visiting Palampur. Yu get to have the tea plantations on the one end and for the sporty travellers we have Bir Billing which is the highest paragliding point on the other hand.

  1. Tilsharit Homestay

Tilsharit Homestay

Tilsharit Homestay comes to the forefront on your list if you are planning to go to Dalhousie. It has a decent cover of the pine trees and rhododendron which adds to the scenic beauty taking you away from the cores of the daily life.

  1. Aira Holme

Aira Holme

This accommodation traces back its origin to the British era. The property has an air of rustic setting that offers the incredible views of the Himalayan range that you must not miss in any case.

All in all, these are the Top 10 Must Experience Homestays In Himachal Pradesh. Despite having such great options many people go in for simply booking the hotels and the guest house. The reason for this is that people are mostly unaware about the facilities that the homestays provide. In case we have not covered your favourite in the list you may let us know in the comments below.

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