Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

Here we are with the list of Top 10 best honeymoon destinations in Himachal Pradesh that have the potential to lure you.

  1. Shimla


Queen of Hill stations as Shimla is popularly called is also one of the best honeymoon destinations in Himachal Pradesh. The  picturesque surroundings blended with a perfect chilling weather creates an ambience that is perfectly suitable to the honeymooners. It is easy to approach h via any means of transportation and offers you a pleasant weather throughout the year. You can book a luxury hotel or a resort to make your experience all the more fun.

  1. Chail


This one is a quaint hill resort that is replete with the mesmerizing views that are going to let you skip the materialistic world for a while and enjoy the essence of love in the air. There can be no tranquil place better than this to take your beloved to and make them feel all the more special by giving each other the desired atmosphere to bloom the relationship. Here you can live in beautiful cottages that will n itself be a totally different experience.

  1. Manali


Manali needs no justification when it comes to naming best tourist destinations in  Himachal Pradesh. However, the ore important aspect is that it is also one of the most popular honeymoon destinations of Himachal Pradesh. The essence of love in the breath-taking views will provide you an exotic experience and let you nurture your newly built relationship. Here you will find all types of places to stay ranging from hotels to guesthouse.

  1. Dalhousie


The pine clad valleys in addition to the scintillating mountains are a perfect combination or the honeymooners to get lost in the place and in the company of each other. The place treats you majestically well, letting you make your honeymoon an exotic experience. Here you will find good homestays to make your experience more worthy of being cherished.

  1. Kasauli


Kasauli is one town that sets the ambiance perfect for the romantic mood. It thereby makes it one of the most well-known places to visit in Himachal Pradesh for the purpose of honeymoon. There are a lot of couple activities that you can go in for at this place to nurture your bond and get more close to each other. For bet experience you can go in for booking the beautiful guest houses that the place offers.

  1. Kullu


The Valley of Gods on the banks of river Beas is the best place to begin your married life. The delightful place will let you spare enough time for one another so that you can feel the bond and cherish it and make memories that you can cherish the entire life. This places is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India which implies that here you will get to explore several accommodation options.

  1. Chamba


As the place is situated on the banks of river Ravi so it experiences the pleasant weather all the time which is enough to lure the couples. This easy to approach place is favourite of many people when it comes to making a selection of the honeymoon destinations.

  1. Mandi


The blessing if God is the best way to start your new life as a couple. For such a thing this place that houses a temple town which further house approximately 81 temples is perfect. Prashar Lake makes the place even more beautiful tempting the newly weds to book this place for a new beginning of their life.

  1. Kinnaur


Scenic beauty is known to soothe the tired body. Also it soothes the mind and soul so that you can be at peace with yourself. It is only when you have internal solace that you are able to attend your beloved with all the love and feeling that the other deserves. Kinnaur is a place that justifies such an ambiance implying that it is the best honeymoon destination.

  1. Solan


This is a charming city that has all the requisite tourist attractions. Also it has the required climatic conditions to lure the newlyweds to book the place for their honeymoon. Here you are sure to find a good stay among the snow-clad peaks in the serene atmosphere that will charm you.

All in all, these are the Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations In Himachal Pradesh that you can consider.

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