Independence Day – A day that led the country on the path of Freedom

Independence Day–A day that led the country on the path of Freedom

Independence Day of India is celebrated every year on 15th August in the reminisce of the day India finally got to see the dawn of freedom on 15 August s after the long-fought freedom struggle and thousand lives were laid to rest in the path to freedom. It marks the day when all the sacrifices bore the fruits of the freedom and India finally witnessed the sunshine of freedom. There are several Independence Day Quotes from the freedom fighters that boost our confidence and give us the courage.

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There are countrywide celebrations; the nation is immersed in the tricolors of the national flag. Functions are held throughout the country. Especially school functions take place where students take part in Independence Day parade and various cultural activities like plays, skits enacting the events from the freedom struggle.

The President of India addresses on the eve of Independence Day to the people of the nation. The President of the country also selects personals from armed as well as paramilitary forces to be awarded Gallantry awards for exemplary courage and bravery.

And The Prime Minister of the country delivers the speech from the Red Fort Delhi and unfurls national flag. He along with several other dignitaries presides over the function at the red fort on the occasion of the Independence Day. Students from different schools across Delhi take part in the Independence Day Parade on 15th August.

Independence Day is celebrated as the gazetted holiday both at the center and state level. People celebrate this day with fun and frolic & take part in the Independence Day functions. Markets are also full of hustle and bustle with people shopping taking the advantage of the offers on the Independence Day. It is a great time to enjoy and spend the day with family and friends.

Independence Day is the day to celebrate the valor of the freedom fighters which ultimately forced the British Colonization to leave the country after almost 200 years rule over us.

There is an environment of patriotism and wave of joy among all the citizens of the country. It is one of the national festivals of the country. Independence Day is one of the auspicious days in the history of the country. Independence Day celebration preparations start months before. It is celebrated with great pomp and show. Independence Day is the day of great pride to all the citizens of the country.

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