Mind Blowing Tips to Play Secret Santa this Christmas

Secret Santa is one of the most popular activities or a Christmas game that is mostly played at the workplace. With this enjoyable game you can easily spread the joy of this festive season of Christmas. There are no restrictions as o who can participate in the game. All and sundry are free to take part in the game without any pressure. Once you begin participating in the game you will get to realize the joy that you get after being a secret gift giver to someone. This is one occasion that you get to make someone feel extremely happy.

The concept of Secret Santa

All of us hear the term Secret Santa but there are only few of us who are not exactly aware about what it is. Here we are going to briefly explain the concept of Secret Santa to you. The idea of Secret Santa is the brain work of Larry Dean Stewart who developed the game with an intention of spreading the feeling of hope, joy, optimism and festivity. The idea is basically to do the random acts that are replete of kindness for random people. He carried on this activity for a lengthy period of 20 year after which his acts began to inspire rest of the world. People began to positively respond to the idea of spreading hope as well as joy during Christmas. Today Secret Santa has become an inevitable part of Christmas celebrations. Almost all who are involved in the cat of gift giving and receiving are extremely fond of this popular corporate Christmas game.

How to play Secret Santa?

First thing you need to do is sign up for playing the game. Once all in the vicinity have signed up for playing the game, the list is them passed on to people around and everyone selects one name out of the list. For example, you have selected a name then you have to buy that person a gift that too secretly. You do not inform anyone about the name or the gift that you have bought till the day of exchange. Till the exchange day, you can leave secret Santa messages and petite Christmas gifts for that person. The secret Santa quotes at their desk can help them get a clue as to who their secret Santa is and this makes the game obviously more fun.

Top 6 Beautiful Secret Santa Quotes And Sayings For You

Here are the Secret Santa quotes that can make the game more fun and enjoyable. You can choose any one of the saying each day and drop it at the desk of the person to surprise him.  As we consider that the game begins a week prior to the day of exchange so we have top 6 beautiful Secret Santa quotes and sayings for you. These sayings are as follows:


This is a gift especially for you,

I’m your Secret Santa, I bet you can’t guess who.

Accept this gift with a smile on your face,

And expect another one soon in it’s place.

Spread holiday cheer to family and friends,

Because the joy of Christmas never ends.


My elves have been busy making this gift just for you,

They told me you’re special but I already knew.

As your Secret Santa I hope you’ll enjoy,

This heartfelt sentiment and new little toy.


Here’s a present for you I hope you’re surprised,

I’m your Secret Santa Claus in disguise.

The tradition is fun and done every year,

You’re my first choice because you’re such a dear.


This special gift is just for you,

I hope you’ll enjoy it the whole year through.

As Christmas approaches you’ll find out who,

Your Secret Santa is and who’s fond of you.


Santa knows you need some cheer and a lift,

So please accept this card and this little gift.

Just remember that wherever you go,

You have family and friends that love you so.


You’re now a Secret Santa with plenty to do,

Choose gifts wisely for whose name that you drew.

Be covert and very sneaky too,

So that you’re not discovered a moment too soon

All in all, these are the top 6 beautiful secret santa quotes and sayings for you. With this we have provided you all the mind blowing tips to play secret santa this christmas. Therefore, be ready to make this festival extra special for those around you with just a little gesture. If there is anything more that you need to know about Secret Santa you are free to leave your query in the comment section below, we will immediately respond to the same.

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