Most Amazing Dining Ideas for Lohri Party

Most Amazing Dining Ideas for Lohri Party

Food is one of the basic parameters on which the worth of any party organized is concerned. So, if this year you are planning to throw a Lohri party then you ought to be very particular about the type of food and the quality of food that you serve your guests. Prepare a menu that is replete with items that will leave all the guests mesmerized. To help you out with the decision of preparing your food menu for Lohri party we are here with the most amazing dining ideas for lohri party. We are sure that these ideas are going to lure your guests and they are going to leave your party fully satisfied.

Most Amazing Dining Ideas for Lohri Party

Your Lohri party is incomplete if you fail to satisfy your guests when it comes to dinning. Nothing in Lohri celebrations can overpower the importance of food to be served at the party. Having helped you make all the lohri party preparations it is finally time that we help you with the Lohri menu as well. You ought to be very specific about food, drinks and desserts that you serve at the party. Considering a fact that it is a Lohri celebration, we will be giving you the food ideas that strictly go well with the occasion and the season as well. Here we are with the Most Amazing Dining Ideas for Lohri Party.

Lohri Party Food Menu

After offering all the essentials of Lohri celebrations including the Lohri games, it is finally time that you get going with the food menu. Remember that most of the people in the guest await the food like nothing else in the party. Food remains to be the centre of attraction for all irrespective of the age. The food that you plan to serve at the Lohri party ought to go well with the hunger of the guests. Also, it should satisfy the standards that people are looking for if they have come to attend your party. In a Lohri party it is important that you have the strict traditional food, especially the traditional Punjabi food. Here we are thus going to highlight the typical Punjabi food that leaves everyone finger licking. One of the most important items in your traditional Punjabi menu ought to be Makai ki roti and sarson ka saag.

Makai ki roti and sarson ka saag

This is one must have Lohri dish that almost all your guests will be looking forward when the food guests served.  In addition to this, you can always consider having paneer and chicken dishes in the menu that are again mouth-watering dishes. If you do not mind going in for a little experiment as to how well diverse dishes go with the occasion you can add Saag chicken. In addition to this, sarson murgh is also a great option for food lovers. In the starters you can always have hot boiled corn as well as the corn fritters as both these items go very well with the Lohri celebrations and the season. Among all the other dishes that you are possibly thinking of adding to the menu, these ones are the must haves.

Lohri Party Drinks Menu

After Dhol and Bhagra all the guests in the party will look forward for good beverages to quench their thirst. In this case it becomes important for you to make provisions of the same. To help you out with the drinks menu we will suggest that you add Lassi as the major item. Apart from this, it is important that you have the sugarcane juice as well as Jaljeera. These are the ideal drinks for the drinks menu at a Lohri party. Not forgetting that Lohri falls in the winters it is important to make provision of hot beverages as well. Considering the season you can always have hot almond. In addition to this,  kesar milk can be served in the small earthen pots in the party.

Lohri Party Desserts

By organizing such a stunning Lohri party you have given a plenty of memories to your guests. These memories that they will cherish lifelong r at least till next Lohri party. To add an icing on the cake it is important that you serve them the best sweet dish prior to leaving. To all the sweet talkers as Punjabis are usually known you ought to complete this celebration with something sweet. Considering the chilly winds of the winter you can always serve desserts like Phirni and Gulab jamun to your guests. Apart from this, you always have an option to go in for serving Kheer and rabdi jalebi. Last but not least, hot malpuas are a delight for all and sundry. So you can consider these. Also you can serve the same with  mouth-watering and voluptuous pistaccio and rabdi.

All in all, these are the most amazing dining ideas for Lohri Party. We have mentioned all those items that are in the wish list of all those who have come to attend a Lohri party. In case you still find some food item missing, you can always give the suggestions. In the comment section below you can drop us the ideas. This way our Lohri food menu will get even wider and more appropriate.

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