Top 10 Most Effective Ways To Fight Depression That Are Easy To Follow


Depression, this is a common term there days. Many of you here this word being used in a sentence that, xyz is suffering from depression. But actually what is it all about? What is depression? Who suffers from it? Here you will get all the answers. First and foremost, depression is not a disease or a state of illness of the body, it is simply the state if mind where a person tends to show no reaction towards any sort of situation be it good or bad but tends to be sad throughout over one same reason that has left a negative impact on his mind. This state is simultaneously accompanied by the feeling of sadness, pessimism and most importantly thinking inferior of oneself. Being depressed makes you feel helpless when you are actually not. You can follow most effective ways to combat depression. It is just that you need to know about the same. Not only are there several therapies but also medication along with many other treatments that you can follow.

Believe me when I say that there is a lot that you can do to fight depression. In order to prove what I am saying right, I have compiled a list of top 10 most effective ways to fight depression that are easy to follow. These ways include your behaviour, lifestyle, physical activity, and even the thought process.

These top 10 most effective ways to fight depression that are easy to follow are as follows that you can start doing right away:

1.Make a routine


It is a well known fact that, “ empty head is a devils workshop”. The more you keep yourself free the more you feel depressed. Simply, instead of waking up everyday and then thinking what you should do and where to start from, just make a time table once and for all. Follow the same each that unless there is not something that you have to do occasionally. Depression tends to strip away the structure from your life and one day merges into the next. Only a perfect routine can get your life back on track.

2.Set goals


A man without a goal is like a bird without wings who even if tries to fly will not be able to do so. The only reason is the lack of direction. Depression tends to overpower your thought process and you tend to lose vision of future. It forces you to thing low of yourself that you are incapable of achieving anything. In such a situation if you see a goal for yourself, you will find a zeal to prove the above said thing wrong and in one way you will be fighting depression. Begin with little goals, once you start achieving them this will boost your confidence and you ill set more goals.



Depression also makes you lethargic and forces a sedentary lifestyle on you. One way to combat it is exercising. It temporarily boosts feel-good chemicals called endorphins in your body. These will provide a long-term benefits. Regular exercise tends to encourage the brain to rewire itself in a positive way. one hing more, it is not the heavy exercises, you can simply indulge in brisk walking to initiate and later expand the sphere.

4.Eat healthy


The way to the healthy mind begins fro the happy stomach and this in turn becomes possible once you begin taking healthy diet. This will provide your body good physical and mental health which help to fight depression.

5.Get enough sleep


In the state of depression, you might feel that it is difficult to shut-eye, and too little sleep can make the condition worse. Begin making some changes to your lifestyle. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Try not to take naps. This can be done once you successfully follow the tip 1.

6.Take on responsibilities


Heavy lies the head that wears the crown. Once you begin taking responsibilities instead of thinking inferior of yourself you tend to complete it as you perceive that no one should get bothered because of you. And once you begin to successfully complete the same you will start thinking good about yourself, which is the fundamental step to deal with depression.

7.Face negative thoughts


Depression has to do a lot with your thought process as you tend to think negatively of yourself. In this situation any thing you do or plan to do you take into consideration the worst possible conclusions. In this case when you are feeling terrible about yourself then use logic as a natural depression treatment. It takes practice, but it is something that you can conquer.

8.Take supplements


consult your doctor before taking the supplements. there are some that can prove really good to deal with the problem of depression, especially those that include fish oil and folic acid. if you are on medication you need to be a little careful.

9.Indulge in doing new activities


You are in a rut when you are in depression. When you challenge yourself to do something different then you body gets filled with the adrenaline rush. This helps you to fill excitement in your otherwise depressed life as you think it to be, though it is not.

10.Have fun


Laughter is the best therapy. In order to have fun, it is not necessary that you have to do difficult activities and move out of your place. Simply try investing your time on those activities that tend to give you happiness. To exemplify, you can watch comedy shows or read books, surf internet etcetera.


All in all, these are the 10 most effective ways to fight depression, there are may others but these are the ones that you can easily follow sitting at home. So, in case you are the one who is suffering depression then follow these ways and in case you are reading the article with the purpose of helping someone you care about to deal with depression then help them to follow the same.

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