Top 10 Most Popular Folk Dances in the World That You Should Know


Dance is no only about moving your body to the beats of the music, it has a lot more meaning attached to its meaning. It is one of the best recreational activities. Dancing acts as the stress buster. by giving your body a chance to get carried away in the music so as to set your body to the tunes o it, dance releases all the anxiety and other sort of pessimistic emotions that you suffer. Dancing gives you a chance to invest the extra energy of your body into something positive. In addition to its literal meaning, dancing is a source of enjoyment in addition to being an exercise.

Dance is not that simple as it sounds. Though moving your body in any direction or in any way may be termed as dancing inthe words of a layman but that is not true. For many dancing is a worship. Different nations have their own dance forms. Not only this, different states in the nation have different dance forms. These are termed as the folk dances. Folk dance connects to the ethos of the land, to its history, traditions and exotic beauty of the land. As a person who has extra love for dancing, you need to know about these folk dances. Here is a list of top 10 most popular folk dances in the world.




This is the folk dance of Argentina finding its roots deep in the Argentinian folklore. It is a sort of variation of the Tango with the only difference that the former being more relaxed. This dance form resonates with Argentina, with Buenos Aires. Earlier this dance form was explored only by the sophisticated sections of the Argentine society. However today, it is everywhere in the country –be it in clubs or on the streets and is one of the most popular folk dances.

2.Gumboot Dance


Africa is one such continent that has rich and diverse traditions and cultures and so is the case with the dance forms that exist here. Dancers perform this dance form by wearing Wellingtons. These are a type of boot. The origin of the dance lays in the black miners as it was their form of entertainment. There was a time in the society of the nation when drumming was forbidden by the authorities. At that point of time, boots were used as the alternative to the sound that drums produce. Today it  is very popular. It is a highly energetic dance form.



Halay is one of the most popular folk dances that has its root in Turkey, a country which has a rich cultural heritage. Besides being an engaging dance form of the country, the dance is accompanied by an equally rich music and instruments.



It is the folk dance of Egypt which is a form of belly dancing. Belly dancing offers several streams  ranging from classical to cabaret. Baladi is however typically a style that has its root in the tribal areas of the nation. Besides being a traditional dance, it has all the charm offering a mystical and romantic allure that makes it one of the most popular folk dances of the world.



Incredible India has several cultures and traditions. It also has numerous folk dances and Garba isone of them which is a Gujarati folk dance. It is performed predominantly during the festival of Navaratri. This dance forms includes immense body, movements that leads you to invest your energy in a rhythmic and positive way.

6.Irish step dance


Ireland is the birth giver to the most popular Irish step dance. To perform this dance, you need to wear either of the two kinds of shoes, hard or soft.  You can give a solo performance or perform this dance in a group. Also, several competitions happen on in its name. It is a speciality of celebrations and carnivals involving quick and intricate foot work. Undeniably, it is one of the most popular folk dances.



This one is the most popular folk dance from India, it is taken in high esteem worldwide. It is a harvest dance having its roots in Punjab. The credit of making the dance form popular goes to migrant Punjabi population. Its aura is such that it has also find uses in fitness routines.



This dance came into origin in the 16th century in Taranto, Italy, when people broke into a dance in order to ward off the death from the highly poisonous bite of a Tarantula spider. They would dance in a frantic and hysterical fashion to the beats of the fast and hypnotic music. You will be amazed to know that Tarantella is also used for therapeutic purposes.



It is the folk dance of Cuba, a Cuban style Salsa that represents a part of their tradition and social life. The dance form has been able to gain popularity across the globe. People hold Casino in great esteem. The grooves, the steps and the music make this an entertaining dance. It is one of the most popular folk dances of the world.



It is the folk dance of Brazil. Though it sounds to be a tough one but for those who have this as their native dance, the Braziliansit seems to be a left hand task. During the festivals, carnivals and celebrations, this dance is the most popular. There are different variations of Samba that depend on the regions though the basic steps are similar. It is only the music and the movement of legs that changes. It is a fun dance that people highly appreciate across the globe.

All in all, these are the 10 most popular folk dances in the world that you should have knowledge about. If you really have a passion for dancing then you should learn at least one of these dance forms. All of the above listed dance forms are highly energizing. You will definitely enjoy the process of learning these too.


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