Tips to Make Your First Travel Video

Tips to Make Your First Travel Video

So you’ve been inspired by lovely travel videos you see online and you’re all set to make one for yourself. You think of several aspects but can’t conclude how you want to organize your thoughts. Here, we are going to give you some suggestions that will help you create your first travel video.

  1. Keep the location in mind

You need to choose an interesting location that would interest people who don’t stay anywhere near. It can’t be a concrete building or near a construction site and so on. It needs to appeal to you so that you can make it appealing to other people.

Tips to Make Your First Travel Video

  1. Background noise

If you shoot at an area that has noises of lawnmowers, passing trucks, and honking, people might not like it. If you are not sure about how you can edit such noises, it is better to select places or times when you won’t have such noises.

  1. Types of shots

You can always edit the video in trailer maker so you wouldn’t compromise on taking unending shots. Keep working on long shots, short shots, close view, and so on. Many people have started using drones for recording lovely views from above. Try all your possibilities to make your travel video worth going through.

  1. Share a story

So there is definitely a motive behind your travel video. You want to share your experience, talk about a place, show glimpses of where you went, and more. Depending on what type of video you want will determine how you make and what you share. To make others understand and reciprocate your experience, you need to be clear to convey your message.

  1. Capture light

The toughest part about making a video is to capture the light. You have to get it right, know how to adjust, use the right effect, and so on. For this, you need to know a little about videography and learn the basics skills of operating a camera.

  1. Engage people

Your video needs to engage people with more things than just the shot and edit. You need content, you need images, and you need to focus on certain areas to make people think about it. To make the video engaging, you need to add elements that interest people. The types of food locals eat, things to shop, adventures to experience, and so on.

The main thing about making a personal travel video is that you must never be the presenter. Don’t make a video that seems like you are promoting the place or it is like an advertisement. Share your own experience and don’t be bias towards anything. Make it like a review that is framed liked a story and add both positives and negatives.

If you keep these in mind, you can frame a really nice travel video. Just know the basics of shooting a video and use the right software to edit it. Covering these aspects will help you create a proper video that connects to people and improves your creative skills.

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