Top 10 Awesome Christmas Cake Ideas

Top 10 Awesome Christmas Cake Ideas

Christmas makes you put your strict diet plans to halt. You are free to eat all that you are fond of. One of the most important aspects of your Christmas eating plans ought to be the festive cake. It is not always that you have to order it from outside but you can also prepare cake at home. There are not much efforts that you are required to put. just a little things and a little effort that will make all the difference. And we assure you that once you prepare the cake yourself, you are going to make it a part of your every Christmas routine.

Christmas Cake

Here we are with the top 10 awesome Christmas Cake ideas for you so that you can make this festival more special.

  1. Classic Christmas Cake

The classic Christmas Cake is a must have recipe as the name suggests. Instead of purchasing the cake, this Christmas surprise your loved ones by baking it at home. You can add the toppings of your choice and make it look presentable.

  1. Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Cupcakes are again one of the must have items on your dining table. The best part about these is that you can make them in good quantity so that there is an enough supply for all who come and visit your home on Christmas.

  1. Coffee and Walnut Cake

The Coffee and Walnut Cake is actually the true joy on the Christmas.The ravishing aroma of coffee as well as the crunch of the walnut make this cake a must have desert on your dining table on Christmas. To take the best taste of the cake you must serve it with tea or coffee or else with the scoop of your favourite ice-cream and see what magic it does to your taste buds.

  1. Pumpkin Cake

If it is simply the softness of the cake that is a priority to you then go in for having the Pumpkin Cake as an important Christmas recipe. one of the most lucrative aspect of the Pumpkin Cake is the colour that it gets after being bakes. Children drool looking at the cake and cant literally wait to have it.

  1. Dundee Cake

This one is a unique and a traditional Scottish cake recipe. The Dundee Cake is well supplied with almonds giving it a perfect traditional look and adding a perfect Christmasy taste to it. You will be amazed to know that one of the major ingredients of this cake is the Scotch Whiskey. Cool, isn’t it?

  1. Plum Cake

Plum Cake is one name that comes to mind if we are talking about Christmas. This is one recipe that seems to complete the Christmas celebrations. The delicious nuts with the tinge of the flavourful cake are sure to leave you amazed. To get the perfect falvor as well as the texture it is important that you soak the nuts in rum for at least 2-3 days prior to adding them in the cake.

  1. Mud Cake

You can easily prepare this awesome dessert recipe at home. There are only few easy steps that you need to follow. This amazing chocolaty delight is sure to leave everybody mesmerized.

  1. Eggless Banana Cake

eggs and cake seems to be the two sides of the same coin. Yet there are options where you can make cake without adding egg to it. This seems to be delighting the ears of pure vegetarians. Isn’t it? Banana is the actual key to what we are saying. It tends to act as the perfect binding agent giving you the similar sponginess as the eggs do.

  1. Fairy Cupcakes

not only will this add to your cuisine but at the same time help you in the décor as well. these look perfectly fine on your dining table if placed right in the centre where these become the centre of attraction for all. It is not only the kids who find these interesting but adults at the same time find them attractive due to the ease of eating.

Christmas Cake

  1. Fruit Cake

One of the most conventional dishes of the Christmas festival is the ravishing fruit cake. The best part about the recipe is that you have the authority to alter the taste and give it a personalized tinge by simply replacing, adding or reducing the fruits that you add to it. There are always some ways in which you can make it look more attractive, one is adding the icing on the cake.

All in all, these are the top 10 awesome Christmas Cake ideas. In case you have more ideas to share with us then please feel free o leave the comment so that we can add it to our list.

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