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Chat refers to any kind of communication over the Internet that offers a real-time transmission of text messages from sender to receiver. The technique of computer is developing faster and faster. Online chatting has become increasingly popular. Individuals are no longer hindered from communicating with each other due to physical barriers such as distance, borders or sea.   People can chat with friends not only face to face but also on the Internet. It’s really an easy and convenient way for people to chat with friends or make friends all over the world. There are lots of ways people communicate through the Internet, ranging from E-Mail to live audio and videoconferencing. Chatting through Internet is one of the ways to be able to communicate others.


To join in the fun, all you need is an Internet Service Provider to get you connected to the Internet. A great advantage of the Internet chatting that it brings people from all over the globe closer together. There is, e.g., Global Chat, a programme that allows people to communicate instantly through the Net. When I am free, I would log on to my whats app also and then chat with friends or my family. I like chatting online because of two reasons;

  • One is that I can keep in touch with my friends
  • The other is that I may save amount of money in the way of talking with my family online.

In today’s scenario chatting is not common among teenagers only but on adults too. They can join in on a variety of topics that they are interested in with people all around the world. Traditionally, chat is text based but can also involve audio and video. Generally there are two categories of Internet chats chatting

  • One is the Internet-based chat room where people can choose images to represent themselves and propose various virtual environments.
  • Other based on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a multi-user, multi-channel chatting system. Imagine sitting in front of your computer and “talking” through typed messages with either one person or many other people from all over the Internet. IRC is based on a client-server model. You run a client programme on your own computer that connects you to a server computer on the Internet.

Slowly but surely, the world is moving away from SMS and MMS as the default way to text message people. There are plenty of reasons to ditch text messaging for the majority of your messaging needs and move to a chat app instead, one of the biggest reasons being that nearly everyone is using one of the more popular chat apps available.

best messaging apps

Whatsapp best messaging apps

It’s founded 2009 by veterans of yahoo, Now its buy, by Facebook, This is very fast messaging apps, Now its most popular all around the world, You can message everywhere in the world on their mobile phone. If you have any person’s phone number than using that you can send quick sms. Its best thing is that it’s working in all networks means slow internet


  • If you had visited any new place & click the photos or even you had attended the birthday party then you can send videos and images to your friends & family.
  • You can make Friends groups. So that you can share same information to every people then you can do it, either passing the information to one by one. So it will save your money.
  • You can make a profile for public with your profile picture and you can give identity of your mobile number.
  • You can send PDF documents to people
  • It ranks high in saving a data usage.
  • You can curbs a call to your family & friends who lives far away from you. In this minute charges are less than that of your local phone calls.
  • Sometimes you get important messages in your WhatsApp chats like the address of the restaurant you’re supposed to meet your friends at but it gets lost in all the digital chatter. When dinner time rolls around, you try to scroll through your 352 frivolous messages to find that one message that matters. With WhatsApp latest update, there’s now a way to bookmark certain messages for easy locating.
  • Contact and location sharing.
  • Media sending (emoticons, stickers, pictures, audio, video, documents, files)
  • Device’s calendar sync (appointments/meetings/reminders).
  • End-to-end conversation encryption.



line app

Line is also new but growing more popular among the peoples. It is more common in Japan. According to the official statement, the name of this service will be LINE Phone in Japan and LINE Call in remaining parts of the world. You can easily use this also free, but if you want to use more features of  this chat or messaging apps than you need a fast net connection on your Android mobile phone.


  • LINE Phone/ LINE call, an open call system which allows LINE users to call non-LINE users via the app for a small fee.
  • It will help you strengthen ties with your customers.
  • It allows you to send various different types of messages to customers and fans.
  • You can also easily respond to inquiries and more through one-on-one chats.
  • You can create your own exclusive LINE in-app home page. This home page allows you to easily produce and deliver info regarding your account, such as notices, event notifications, just-in info and more in the same format as you would on a typical website.
  • Along with push messages, you can also use the Timeline and Home features to send an unspecified number of user’s news and notifications regarding your account. You can also choose when to send messages, and have them posted simultaneously to your Timeline as well.
  • You can create and provide rich data, coupons, and more that you can’t fit in a normal message here. You can create one-time only coupons and raffle tickets as well. This feature can be used from the PC admin page.
  • You can create content that invites users to participate, such as questionnaires and polls. You can hold surveys on your products and services to gain information on user attributes based on gender, age, and other factors.
  • You can check changes to the daily number of users who have friended your account, responses to your Timeline, and more. You can also designate a period to download numerical data relevant to that period.



Viber is a Rakuten Group company. This also similar to that of  Whatsapp.


Text your friends.

  • Make free calls.
  • Video message, voice message, photo sharing, group chat.
  • Locations, stickers, emoticons.
  • Download more stickers from sticker market.
  • Available in many languages.
  • Sync with contact lists for calls and messages.
  • Easy installation, no no need more formality required, Just get your pin number and verify your mobile number use it.


hike app

Its new apps for free chat on android phone, it’s also going to popular in India, I wanna tell you that 60% of the hike’s 15 million registered users. So you can also try this app.


  • Over 5000 amazing diverse stickers to choose from.
  • Free group calls with upto 100 people with the tap of a single button!
  • Over 15 local photo filters & doodles to spice up your photos!
  • Exciting new Chat Themes
  • Get instant cricket updates
  • Chat and Share Files Without Internet Using Hike Direct



It’s also new apps also most popular in China, But now it’s also going more popular in India and other countries. It’s have  450 million monthly users since its founding in 2010. It is a real marketing tool. It appeals to both companies and individuals. Its success and efficiency can be explained by the developers’ continued diligence to improve it and add new functions.


  • WeChat has now made it easier for companies with an official account to interact with their customers and their followers, using automatic answer In fact, it enables them to respond automatically to followers’ questions thanks to Keyword recognition. This feature is really useful to make companies as reactive as possible, to answer to question to satisfy their customer needs and reduce customer waiting times for a response.
  • The app will now deduct a 0.1 % fee for payments and transaction if the amount is over 20000 Yuan per month. This new function came into effect on 17th October and is not a way for the app to increase profit, but simply to cover the bank fees incurred by these transactions.
  • It’s now possible to have a conference call with 9 different people through the app, and this came just after the introduction of the conference call on Windows.
  • WeChat is now able to locate users in most of biggest cities, using a map to calculate the traffic in the area, the population density according to the date and time, to reduce traffic jams. It also helps the government and authorities to locate people if they need to.
  • WeChat does its best to make its app a real marketing tool. It allows companies to share promotional offers and coupons to attract potential clients and to maintain current customers. It also allows users to send red envelopes, very symbolic for the Chinese New Year.
  • Users can send and receive money after linking their bank account with their WeChat account.
  • Chat with friends in a Walkie Talkie session (available in the latest versions of WeChat for iOS and Android)
  • Click ” ” in a group chat conversation and select “Walkie Talkie”.




The top free app in 46 countries from Germany to Ecuador. In the US and several other countries, the app is no. 1 in the social networking category, ahead of Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik, and others. “Telegram is the fastest and most secure mass market messaging system in the world,” “We have been the no. 1 app in Spanish, Arabic, and several Latin American app stores for several weeks before the Facebook deal happened,” says Telegram’s Markus Ra.”


  • You can edit your messages.
  • You can send &receive large messages.
  • You can send secret messages, self destructing messages.
  • Through telegram you can easily choose who sees the last time you were connected.
  • If you don’t want to chat with some of your friends to whom you don’t like then you can block certain chats permanently ;or for a certain amount of time.


tango app

It’s also a multi feature application. It’s most popular text messaging apps in united state America, but it’s also worldwide so now it’s also used in many countries.


  • You can also message to 1 person & to another person & also in group chat.
  • You can also do high quality video & voice calls on 3G, 4G & Wi-Fi.
  • Meet people nearby or people you may know, and make new friends with anyone in the world.
  • Personalize your profile with photos, and comment & like other people’s photos
  • Share photos in the News Feed and during calls.
  • Personalize your calls & messages with fun animations.
  • Discover, listen & share songs powered by Spotify.




Its most popular apps for messaging in India, You know that 150 million registered users are using these great fast messaging apps for android mobile phone. Nimbuzz is an app (a web messenger) that you can install on your computer, mobile phone,  Smartphone and tablet PC . It is a VoIP app that offers basic service but does well. More than 3000 models of mobile devices are supported. Nimbuzz supports video calls for the iphone and the PC only.


  • Supports many phones and tablet models and has a version for many platforms.
  • Relatively cheap calls to landline and mobile phones
  • Simple to use app with nice interface and good call quality.
  • Allows communication with multiple other social networks.


KIKkik app

It’s also a good app, its popular in Canada, It’s founded in 2009.


  • One of the best features is that, this Kik Messenger app is absolutely free of cost. That means you can send unlimited text and sms to your love ones without paying a single penny.
  • You can invite your friends and family members to chat with you. You can invite anyone from anywhere in the world.
  • You can send single message to different and multiple people by single click. You just need to create a group of those particulars individuals.
  • When you send and receive messages, you are notified when they are sent and delivered.
  • With the help of Kik messenger you can set your status like, you are bored, in relation, engaged, married, break-up, feeling happy
  • You can see if your friend is online or not. Not only this you can only see the last visited time of your friend.

Message memessage me app
It’s also good apps for sending free message and to chat, it’s also popular app in the United States. You can use its many features.


  • This free app is the best offline collection of more than 10000 messages (TEXT SMS) categorized in more than 50 categories.
  • This is a Largest SMS Collection in smallest app-size for your android phone.
  • Have fun messaging your friends to improve relationships with lots of new funny, cute and sweet text.

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