Top 10 First Time Pregnancy Tips

First Time Pregnancy Women

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Once a girl, then a woman and next turning into a mother, completes the meaning of a life. Nothing could bring this eternal happiness that comes when a woman comes to know that she is expecting a baby. A 9 month period transforms her from an immature kiddo to a full bloom just due to the fact that she has to prepare herself for the welcome of a newborn that will be the part of her own soul and love. Knowing that she has to refrain herself from a lot of routine activities, eating habits and refreshments, she modestly accepts her motherhood. It’s a blessing showered upon by god that only demands care and tenderness. We have come across top 10 pregnancy tips for the first time to be mothers. A good news can only be good if it ensures health of the mother and the baby. Do not gasp of nostalgia that develops from fear of expanding the waistline and excitement of being called a mama. So find out the best and leave the rest. To ignore some pregnancy related myths and accept real facts, go through these unsolicited top 10 significant tips.

1. Listen carefully to your doctor and not google every tiny detail

Begin with giving your baby the best start by visiting the doctor that makes you feel confident. Keep up the good faith in your gynecologists. Question the doctor about healthy lifestyle choices or anything that comes to your mind, as all your apprehension is genuine. Never use anyone else’s medicine without consultation. Take prenatal vitamins. Don’t hesitate talking to a doctor. Share every sign and symptom without any delay.

2. Quit adverse habits

Everything you intake affects your baby. Do not smoke, drink alcohol or even touch addictive drugs. If you need rehabilitation, talk to your doctor for further reference.

3. Protect yourself from nuisance

Get away from physical (hitting, kicking, biting), mental/emotional (cursing, yelling, putdowns and controlling behavior) Sexual abuse (being forced to have sex). Be cautious while walking through the stairs

4. See your dentist too

If you have cavities or infections, you can pass the pathogenic bacteria on to the fetus, so get them treated. And be sure to tell your medical history to the dentist. Brush your teeth twice daily. Wear lead aprons if radiographs are to be taken.

5. Ensure healthy diet

It includes more liquids (water and non sweetened drinks). Avoid eating three big meals a day, try eating five or six small meals and snacks. Consider fruit, fruit juice, cheese, vegetables, yogurt, well cooked (baked or grilled) meats, poultry and fish. Do not chase donuts, cake, cookies, candy, ice cream and chips, fried foods (burgers, fries). This helps you gain right amount of weight (25- 35 pounds)

6. Beware of some warning signs in early trimester

Call (911) your doctor immediately if:

Blood/fluid leaks from your vagina

You have pain/burning when you go to the bathroom

Nausea and vomiting last more than 2 days

You have pain in your belly

You have chills and your temperature is over 100

Someone hits/kicks you or any mishap occurs

7. Follow exercise guide

Exercise 30 minutes at least 5 times a week. Let your body be your guide. Stop if you feel out of breath, pain or cramping and dizziness. Aerobic exercise, walking, swimming, and biking are all mild activities that can be performed with ease. Conditioning exercises that focus on the pelvic and belly muscles help you recover quickly after the baby is born.

8. Comfortable maternal dressing

Do not wear tight clothes that leave marks on your skin. The extra blood in your arms and legs keeps you warm. Wear layers of cool, loose fitting clothing that can be easily adjustable. To avoid back pain and accidental falls, select shoes that fit well and have flat or low heels.

9. Rest on your left side, not on your back

This improves blood flow for you and for the baby. Moreover, lying on your back allows your uterus to press on the large blood vessels that crosses behind your belly. This can lower your blood pressure and make you feel giddy.

10. Relief from backache

Let your partner perform nightly back rubs to alleviate frequent backache. Do the pelvic tilt by simply picturing yourself as cat. Try rolling to your side before you sit up. Prefer sitting cross legged. You can also wear an obstetric girdle (available in maternity shops)

Learn the signs of labor- contractions every 5 to 7 minutes for 1 hour or more frequent when walking. Your water breaks/leaks. Avoid sudden jerky movements.

Apart from these, it is very important to know how to pack your bag a month before your due date. It u

Mommy’s hospital bag should have:

Thick sanitary/maternity napkins,

Bathrobe and slippers,

Hair brush,

Dark towel,

Lip balm (mouth often remains dry),

Going home outfit,

Carrier bag for dirty clothes,

Toiletries (toothbrush and toothpaste, face wipes, massage oil, shower gel, moisturizer),

Nursing bra (the cups open for breast feeding)

Light, warm blanket.

Baby’s hospital bag must have:

2 sleep suits

Newborn nappies

Baby wipes

Cotton wool

2 muslin squares



Going home outfit


Stay watchful, but do not forget enjoying and living this motherly and affectionate period up to the brim. Remember you are pregnant, not sick. Avoid getting tired and perform everything that refreshes your body and soul. Do not stress yourself. Keep calm and patient as mood swings often. Be the best mom and enjoy motherhood. Keep up the perfect prenatal care. Cherish every moment with unbound happiness and a feeling of mother- child warmth that comes within. A life within a life is incredible. Feel it, nourish it and finally hold it. Wait for the wonderful surprise on your way and set your spirits high to embrace it. Time for you to prepare for the royal little baby shower. Wish you a very healthy and happy pregnancy

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