Top 10 Most Important Factors To Consider While Buying Epilator

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If you are planning to buy an epilator, this social distancing season when going to parlor is something that everyone is avoiding then purchase the one that benefits in the long run. Here are Top 10 Most Important Factors To Consider While Buying Epilator:

1.Cord or Cordless

One of the most important factors to consider while buying an epilator is to evaluate whether you need the one that comes with a cord or without one. You can use a cordless epilator on wet and dry skin, but the ones that come with a cord are usable only on the dry skin.

2.Application on dry and wet skin

While you can use some epilators on the dry skin only, some come without a cord implying application on both dry and wet skin. Having the one that you can use on both dry and wet skin is advantageous as you never know when and in what condition you need to use the device.


Attachments are the additional benefits that come with an epilator are popularly known as the epilator cap. Look for the attachments that come with the device before making a purchase.

4.Number of tweezers

Different epilators have a different number of tweezers ranging from 1 to 72. Higher the number of tweezers, the more efficient is your device. Thus in the description are look for the number of tweezers before you make the purchase.

5.Speed Settings

You cannot remove hair using an epilator from all the parts of the body at the same speed. For private and more gentle regions you need to adjust the speed. Thus, you must opt, for buying an epilator that comes with the feature of setting the speed.

6.Inbuilt light feature

Buy an epilator that comes with an inbuilt light. This feature means that you might have to pay a little extra for such a device, but it is worth all the money. Using this light you can get rid of even tiniest hair on your body.

7.Level of noise

It is common and normal for epilators to make a noise. However, few make unbearable nose which is not a common thing. You must ensure that the epilator does not make too much noise while in use.

8.Washable heads

Cleaning such devices is one thing that takes most of the time. Most of the epilators come with a tiny brush to clean the head, but it is always better to buy an epilator that comes with washable heads. Believe us, washable heads are going to make your life easy.

9.Warranty of the product

Buying an epilator that comes with at least a year of warranty is something that you call a good deal. Not only does it help you use the product extensively without worrying about wear and tear, but it also helps you develop trust in the brand.

10.Price of the device

The price of the epilator you desire to purchase depends on the features that come along the device. The majority of epilators are available within a range of two to three thousand having all the necessary features that you may require.

All in all, these are the top 10 Most Important Factors To Consider While Buying Epilator.

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