Top 10 Most Popular Budget Hotels in Manali

Top 10 Most Popular Budget Hotels in Manali

If you are planning a trip to Manali then you must be worried about the expense of your stay there. Here we are to get you rid of this worry with a list of Top 10 Most Popular Budget Hotels in Manali.

  1. Hotel Yak

Hotel Yak has spacious rooms that are spread across 4 floors. It is a 3 Star hotel offering rooms at a very affordable prices. The price may vary depending on the booking date and season. There is a restaurant and a bar/lounge within the hotel.

  1. Utopia Resorts & Spa

Utopia Resorts & Spa holds a 3.5 Star rating and claims to have 40 rooms. These are the spacious and well equipped rooms where you can check-in at any time of the day. The mall road is also near by. Prices are affordable.

  1. Summit Chandertal Regency & Spa

Summit Chandertal Regency & Spa is a 3.5 Star hotel  that boasts to have 27 rooms. Room tariff is very nominal. The rooms are very spacious and have all the required equipment within.

  1. Heritage Village Resorts and Spa

Heritage Village Resorts and Spa holds 3 Stars. There are 40 rooms that are spread over 3 floors and available at nominal prices. Along with restaurant and bar/lounge there are loads of other facilities also available.

  1. Hotel Mountain Face by Snow City Hotels

This is again a 3 Star property that enjoys a decent location and offers its rooms and services at nominal and justifiable prices. The view from the hotel rooms is also commendable.

  1. Vivaan The Sunrise Resort

This one is a 3.5 Star property that offers comfortable and spacious rooms. All the must have amenities are there in the room. Also, the location of the hotel is the plus point.

  1. Manali Heights

This one is a 4 Star hotel that is reviewed very well by the visitors. The rooms are good and all that you can expect to get at the nominal rates that it has is available.

  1. Span Resort and Spa

Span Resort and Spa is a 4 Star property having a decent location. You will enjoy your stay in the hotel that has 42 rooms.  There is a huge flexibility as per the check in and check out time is concerned.

  1. La Ri Sa Resort

4.5 Star holder, La Ri Sa Resort is one of the best places to stay. It has 22 rooms that are available at a justified price. Here you can enjoy the 22 smoke-free guestrooms along with a restaurant and bar/lounge.

  1. Quality Inn River Country Resort

Quality Inn River Country Resort spreads over 5 floors and is a 3 Star property. The room tariff is justified and all the basic facilities are also available.

All in all, these are the Top 10 Most Popular Budget Hotels in Manali that will meet all your demands and desire without you having to worry about anything.


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