Top 10 Most Popular Christmas HD Wallpapers

We are all set for the celebrations of this grand festival. We have got new clothes, shopped for the gift, bought the decoration items but wait a minute, have you got the Christmas tree? Without it Christmas celebrations are going to remain incomplete. Don’t worry, in case you cannot purchase the one or get it from elsewhere, you can fulfill the need by simply suing the Christmas HD Wallpapers.Popular Christmas HD Wallpapers

There are a plenty of wallpapers of Christmas trees, but here we are with the best Christmas wallpaper for you. here are the top 10 most popular Christmas HD Wallpapers.

1. Sign of everlasting life

You might have seen the evergreen fir tree being an important part of Christmas celebrations. But have you ever wondered, why? Be it pagan or the Christian festivals, this tree is conventionally a part of almost all their winter festivals.

2. Importance of Christmas tree

While Pagans use the branches of the tree to decorate the houses in the times of winter solstice, with the intention of welcoming the spring, the Romans used Fir Trees to decorate the temples during Saturnalia. Christians consider the tree to be a sign of the everlasting life with God.

3. Age of Christmas tree

Since when did Fir trees began to be used as the Christmas trees, we have no clue on that. However, considering the past reference for more than 1000 years from now in Northern Europe, it has been a part of this grand festival. It has been more than 100 years that Christmas Trees have been seen hanging upside down from the ceiling with the help of chains.

4. Alternatives to fir tree

It is not only the fir tree that has been used as the Christmas tree or years. In some parts of northern Europe, cherry or hawthorn plants have also been used as the holy trees. Those who could not arrange for the real plant chose making pyramids of woods which they decorated to look like the tree with the help of paper, apples and candles.

5. Take Christmas tree from home to home

Instead of keeping them at one place these were carried from one house to another. In some way these trees gave the glimpse of Paradise Trees as 24th December was considered to be Adam and Eve’s day. The Paradise Tree, therefore, represented the Garden of Eden.

6. Places where these were first used

It is argues that it was the cities of Tallinn in Estonia and Riga in Latvia where the trees were first used. Both of these regions claim that these had the first of these trees, Tallinn in 1441 and Riga in 1510.

7. Brotherhood of Blackheads

These were put up by the ‘Brotherhood of Blackheads’. It was an association of local unmarried merchants, ship owners as well as foreigners in Livonia. These trees were later claimed to be set on fire after the celebrations were over.

8. First man to get it into home

It is claimed that the first person who got the tree to home was in the 16th century, a German preacher Martin Luther.

9. Fairy or star at top

Initially there used to be a figure of the Baby Jesus on the top of the fig tree. Later it was replaced by an angel or say a fairy who informed the shepherds about Jesus. Some people also place a star in place of the fairy.

10. Use of candles

In times of Victorians, the Christmas tree used to decorated with the help of the candles. These candles represented the stars. In some parts of Europe, candles are still in use and a major item of decorations on the tree.

Christmas Image

All in all, these are the top 10 most popular Christmas HD Wallpapers. You can download any of these and cope up for the missing Christmas tree.

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