Top 10 Most Popular Types of Body Wax

Body Wax

Body waxing has today become a conspicuous trend; however history shows that it was a trend common in ancient times as well. People used pumice stones as well as beeswax to get rid of the body hair. The first type of wax to be invented was sugar waxing. In this cooked sugar as well as lemon mixture was used to pluck the unwanted hair from your body.  Since then several advancement has taken  place in this sphere. In this article today we are going to list top 10 most popular types of body wax that you must know.

Top 10 Most Popular Types of Body Wax

People are usually habitual to visit the parlours once a month to get the waxing done. While we arrive at the parlour the first question that we are asked is the type of wax we wish to get done. While many of us are aware about types of wax and also very particular about the type of wax that we want to get done, many of is still struggle to take the decision. This happens because we are not aware about different wax types and benefits that each type o wax has in store for us. This led us to bring forth an article for you that answer most of your questions. You must ensure reading the entire article thoroughly so as to get the answer to all the question that come in mind when the parlour people ask you, which body wax? Yes, one thing you must tell yourself, that you are not supposed to blindly follow the suggestions that the parlour workers have to offer to you. Make it a point that you have your own say.


  1. Heated Soft Wax

Soft wax comes in a container that you can heat using microwave or any other means. The heat when combined with soft texture that the wax has makes it spread  not only evenly but also thinly all over the body. The hot wax open the pores of skin ensuring easy removal of hair. Also, the amount of pain that you have to suffer is comparatively less.

  1. Cold Soft Wax

As the name suggests there is no need to heat the cold soft wax. You can directly apply it to your skin after removing it from the container. It is very convenient and at the same time also very time saving as there is no need to heat the wax or fear cooling of wax. Also, this wax removes the hair finely.

  1. Pre-Made Strips

In case you want to wax your body without any external assistance but are not sure of how to begin then pre-made strips are a great option for you. With these there is no need for you to worry about the amount of wax that you are supposed to apply on your body. Apart from that there is no need to take the extra effort of heating the wax or fearing cooling of the same.  This process can however, turn out to be expensive affair for you.

  1. Hard Wax

You need to apply a thick layer of hard wax in order to remove hair from your body completely. Another thing is that you do not require a strip to remove your hair. You simply need to lift up the extreme end of the thickened layer of wax and pull it off.

  1. Chocolate wax

Chocolate comes well supplied with antioxidants in addition to having the oils and glycerine. This ensure that after the waxing procedure you are left with not only the skin that has no hair but at the same time skin that is smooth. There is literally no type of reaction on your skin if you go in for this. Also, the level of pain is less.

  1. Fruit Wax

Fruit wax is an option for you if you have a really sensitive skin. The reason is that it is well supplied with fruit extracts that include plum and berry. Also, it has antioxidants apart from diverse vitamins. These help improve and restore the overall health of your body while it undergoes the waxing procedure. However, one thing that you cannot ignore is that it is an expensive affair.

  1. Sugar waxing

Sugar wax includes ingredients like water, lemon, and sugar that have extreme health benefits for your skin. Even if you want to remove hair from the most sensitive part of your body then you must opt for this wax type.

  1. Fragrance-free wax

In case you are suffering from any sort of allergies against the fragrance then you must opt for Fragrance-free wax. Most of the wax that we have already mentioned comes with a particular fragrance. This type of wax gives you freedom from any fragrance but yes, it is expensive in comparison to the traditional types of body wax.

  1. Hypoallergenic hard wax

Go in for this in case you want to experience no skin reactions after the procedure is over.

  1. Organic wax

This one is hard to find so expensive to avail. It is only after meeting the strict guidelines that a particular wax is termed as organic body wax.

All in all, these are the top 10 most popular types of body wax you must be aware about. You can go in for opting the one that suits you the best. The perks of all of these vary. You ought to select the one that has a lot to offer to your needs as well as the need of your body. Try these out and share your feedback with us in the comment section below.

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