Top 10 Must Know Things About Ranveer Singh

Top 10 Must Know Things About Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh has remained the talk of the town since he made his debut in Bollywood. There are many people out there across the nation who considered him to be a role model or are his big fans. The heart throb finally got married to one of the most popular actresses of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone. BABA of Bollywood is filled with energy that seems to contaminate the atmosphere where ever he goes. If you claim to be a big  fan of the Bollywood actor, there here are top 10 must know things about Ranveer Singh.

  1. Sonam is his second cousins

The two might not be sharing the surname because of which nobody has ever thought in this direction. However the fact remains that the popular actor Ranveer Singh and the charming actress Sonam Kapoor are brother and sister.  Ranveer Singh is her aunt’s son and that the reason that they do not share the surname as they are related from their mother’s side.

  1. Ahana Deol is his ex- girlfriend

Like anyone else, Ranveer Singh also has a past to disclose. Not many of you I am sure are aware about the fact that today a married man, Ranveer Singh was once dating Ahana Deol , the doctor of veteran actors Hema Malini and Dharmendra. This is the talk of far back when the actor had not even made his debut in the film industry.

  1. Worked as a copywriter

Toady a popular actor, this was not the only profession that he had ever chosen. Prior to debuting in the film industry and putting his stars to test, Ranveer Singh  was working as a copywriter. It is said that he was enjoying what he was doing and was quite efficient it at. This was actually his first job and he worked with one of the best and established advertising agency.

  1. Love for X-rated magazines

His has always exhibited the exceptional traits and one other unique thing about Ranveer Singh , the famous Bollywood actor is that h is fond of X-rated magazines. If he says that he does the rex, then believe it because the actor actually means it. Ranveer claims to have something for the X-rated magazines and is known to pick them up from almost all the countries that he visits.

  1. Rejected 3 Bollywood Projects

Ranveer Singh who came to fame after his first movie Band Bajaa Baraat became a big blockbuster had actually let go a lot of projects earlier. He was offered 3 Bollywood movies but he rejected these all and finally signed  Band Bajaa Baraat. This indicates that your role model is actually very choosy when it comes to doing movies.

  1. Dropped the surname

Ranveer Singh which seems to be a complete name in itself is actually not complete. Singh is not the surname of this cute Bollywood actor. His full name is  actually Ranveer Singh Bhavnani. He avoids putting in his surname as he considers that adding the surname makes his name too long further causing difficulty to be memorized. His grandfather was a Sikh so he uses Singh as his last name.

  1. Mothers boy

It might not suit his dashing personality to carry a soft heart but that is true. Like most of the boys out there who are extra affectionate towards their mothers, similarly, Ranveer Singh is pure heatedly without any doubt a mamma’s boy. He considers taking the advice of his mother for all the big and petty issues alike. Ranveer’s mother cannot tolerate her son dying on screen in the movies but the fact remains that most of the movies he do ends with the same unfortunate note.

  1. Big B’s note

Amitabh Bachan, the popular veteran actor of Bollywood have a  great appreciation for  Ranveer Singh . After watching the performance of Ranveer Singh in Ram Leela, he actually sent him a note that was completely handwritten. Getting appreciated by a veteran actor indeed is a great deal.

  1. Faced suspension

As it is evident, Ranveer Singh is quite a naughty personality and we can imagine him being naughty as a student also. The story dates back to this school times when the popular Bollywood movie, Dil Se was released. It had a popular hindi song ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya.’ Ranveer Singh was so enthralled by the same that he kept listening to his. Once h was found doing the same in classroom and that became the reason for getting suspended from the school.

  1. Graduate in Arts

Not many of you are aware about the educational background of this actor. Ranveer Singh  is actual an Arts graduate that too from Indiana University. While pursuing graduation in arts he took Theatres to be as his minor subject.

All in all, these are the top 10 must know things about Ranveer Singh. If you boast to be his big fan but were unaware about these facts then it is a matter of a little embarrassment. We have facts on life of most of the other celebrities too. In case you wish to read the unknown facts about your favorite star then you may let us know the name of the star in the comment section below. There are a lot of mysterious facts that many of us are unaware about our favourite stars.

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