Top 10 Best Selling Novels introduced by Great Authors


Reader’s eyes are always in hunt for incredible ideas, stories, facts, fiction and thrillers. Passion to read good books, to discover more and reach the best corner of the library drives them crazy to search for numerous covers with highest recognition’s. Readers crave to live every story to the depth without missing a single stratum of pile built of stupendous wonderful books. Find out what best you might have skipped and what all great books are still awaiting your presence to get place in your hands. Here is the amazing list of Top 10 Best selling Novels edited by most acknowledged authors to meet the reader’s choice at its best.



  1. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Highly rated book appreciated for revealing the friendship of four men in New York City, and the effects of child abuse. It beautifully reflects heartbreak, and a dark evaluation of the fascism of memories and the threshold of human endurance. It is worth reading multiple times to get thoroughly into the characters.


  1. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Anna Karenina is the tragic depiction of a married aristocrat/socialite and her relationship with the affluent Count Vronsky. The novel explores a diverse range of debatable topics including evaluation of the feudal system that prevailed not only in Russia at some time but has indeed ruined the individual characters and families, religion, morality, gender and social class.


  1. The Story of a Lost Child by Elena Ferrante

One of the most voted stories for readers really says a lot preferably that the truth is often only half the story. It is a captivating saga of two women, the smart, intelligent and a book freak Elena and the persistently strong, unstoppable and independent Lila.


  1. Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

Well portrayed debut novel by a French writer Gustave Flaubert’s addresessed a story that revolves around a doctor’s wife, Emma Bovary, who has traitorous affairs and lives beyond her means so as to order to banish the shallowness and deceptive provincial life.


  1. A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson

Exuberant depiction of Life After Life that brings out a phenomenal character known Teddy Todd from Ursula Todd’s war and follows his life, from RAF bomber during WWII to his end days in a nursing home in the 21st century.


  1. A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler

Just like a spool of threads, the characters are evolved steadily and the story unwinds with no highs or lows. It is a startling and thoughtful highlights about marriage and family. It introduces you to the Whitshanks, mother Abby and father Red with their four grown children in order to cherish their traits, dramas, secrets and discontentment as well as their compassion for each other.


  1. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita successfully managed to touch heights after getting famed as one of the prime achievements in 20th century literature, inspite being so controversial. It is centred about the protagonist, a 37-to-38-year-old literature professor named Humbert Humbert, who is a pedophile and gets obsessed with the 12-year-old Dolores Haze or lolita, with whom he becomes sexually involved after he becomes her stepfather.


  1. Middlemarch by George Eliot

The novel focuses on realism reated to many historical acts that marks back in the fictitious Midlands town of Middlemarch during 1829–32 and it comprises of a gigantic cast of characters. Remarkable themes including the status of women, the nature of marriage, idealism, religion, hypocrisy, political issues, and education are described congenially. It is made more interesting by its comical elements. You can read it as many times without any boredome.


9. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

The book is popularly known among the Great American Novels for its excellence as picturized commendably by each character. It is a direct sequel to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn unveil ideas of race and identity with some plots of sensible humors. It is a simple story about a boy and a runaway slave floating down the Mississippi River. It is among the ones which are most loved and banned in concord libraries for its racial confrontation.


10.  In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust

The most respected books of the twentieth century that came up with the unbound experiences of the narrator while he is transforming into a mature man, learning about artistic skills, role in society, and falling in love. It is also translated under the name ‘Remembrance of Things Past’ and believes to explicitly dictate an mystical search for truth

These are the most recommended sets of books for readers who wander to get the best one out of the several messy cabinets in the library or book fairs. Purchase one among the 10 of the above mentioned books and you will not be able to resist going through the entire list. Reading just once won’t be enough to relish your minds and the countless pages will actually be turned around unbelievable number of times.




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