Top 10 Problems to be Addressed by #MeToo Campaign

Top 10 Problems to be Addressed by #MeToo Campaign

The well known Coloradoan Editorial Board constitutes of six men and two women. All of them have a few ideas regarding what we can do as an individual to change the scenario in which we live, to get rid of the sexual misconduct. To know more and properly about the problems that will be a highlight and needs to be to be the highlight it is important to know the viewpoints of the others. Here, the others that we are talking about are actually the board members. Here we will be discussing the top 10 problems to be Addressed by #MeToo Campaign. This we will do in the frame of opinion by the members of the board. These are as follows:

MeToo Campaign and the problems

Women all across the globe are active sharing their #MeToo stories. As and when they do this, the celebrities as well as the national leaders on whom the accusations are put start addressing the accusations. There are a few who even admit the wrongdoing. The personal reflections from the individual board members with respect to the actions they will be taking to address the problem are important to understand. This will help you to be thorough about the campaign.

  1. Address the problem of silence

Men need to have the courage to not remain silent, to hold ourselves and other men accountable for behaviors, such as “locker room talk,” that contribute to this problem.

  1. Power of honest conversation

Fathers of sons should have honest conversations about #metoo, and young men and boys should have a role model for acceptable behavior. We must teach our daughters to not stand for any kind of harassment or abuse.

  1. Need of accountability

Men need to ask their wives, daughters, mothers, friends and coworkers to hold them accountable when we fail to live up to standards of behavior that are acceptable – and then actually listen and take that accountability seriously.

  1. Use and abuse of power

All men can start with serious self-reflection of our own contributions to enabling the abuse of power and privilege in any situation.

  1. Reject any normalization of pornography

We must reject any normalization of pornography. Sexuality is growing more violent in nature and that trend carries with it a normalization of violence against women. How much more normalized in that environment, then, is sexual harassment?

  1. Evil of objectification

Objectification is never harmless. Giving myself any permission to do so, even in my thinking, is dangerous. I must train my thinking to make the nobility and significance of every woman my first thought — anything less means I still need to grow and change.

  1. Practice honouring women

Cultivating a marriage where my wife feels respected, honored and treasured is a practice with manifold benefits; it sets the norm for my kids (girls and boys) and reinforces my practice of honoring all women.

  1. Importance of being reflective

Heterosexual white men are wildly an overpresentation on corporate boards, city councils, legislative bodies, editorial boards, and such. While it is better that men with power have some empathy and respect for lived experience. It’s more important to commit to making our institutions to be more reflective of the populations they serve. That requires sustained, and sometimes uncomfortable interrogations of biases, conversations about entitlement. And resolve to enshrine policies that promote the voices of women even when it’s inconvenient, controversial or disruptive.

  1. Power of speaking out

Speak out when I hear other women feeding into the biases, stereotypes and tropes that perpetuate a culture within which this behavior has been enabled.

  1. Weakness of ignoring

Recognize that growth is uncomfortable (growing pains, anyone). And that fighting even my own instincts to keep quiet and ignore it is a necessary component to move the needle forward.

All in all, these are the top 10 problems to be addressed by #MeToo Campaign. You as an individual needs to understand that what is going around you or with you is not in your control. But surely you have the power to curb it by taking a little step today. Also, it is important that you support others who are courageous enough to discuss the horrendous story. The story they have experienced and ready to tell that too on a social networking platform.

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