Top 10 Rangoli Facts and Designs for this Diwali

Irrespective of the change in trends, Rangoli has passed  the test of time and is prevalent even today since the Chola dynasty. Diwali has already arrived and we are sure that you have not planned yet the rangoli design with which you are going to design the entrance of your house. You need not worry much about the same as we have done the homework for you. Here we are with the top 10 rangoli facts and designs for this diwali.

  1. Colourful Rangoli

Colourful Rangoli

Vibrancy as well as color has been an important apart of the Indian outlook. India is known alla cross the nation for its diverse Flavors. Among these diverse flavors, one that comes to play on almost all the occasions is and Rangoli.

  1. Themes of rangoli

Rangoli is a part of the  Indian Culture. It plays a paramount role when it comes to beautifying as well as decorating the houses, places of worship or the exteriors of the houses on eminent festivals like Diwali. The diverse themes of rangoli includes abstract, philosophical, religious, geometrical, zodiac signs, fish, birds and flowers.

  1. Composition of rangoli


Composition of rangoli

It is a combination of symmetry, precision, as well as complexity. Rangoli is basically the designs that are made up of the geometrical lines that are drawn on the floor. Also, these are composed of the curved loops. Rangoli involves marking the design around the grid pattern of dots. One can also write seasonal messages and decorated it with the help of flowers. The designs are modified by people as per the occasion.

  1. Ingredients of rangoli

The medium or the source that is  used to outline the patterns can definitely take diverse forms. Most commonly it is rice powder, chalk, white rock powder and chalk powder that comes to use. With the passage of time certain changes have taken place. The rice flour is now substituted with limestone and red brick powder in order to bring the desired contrast in color. Chalk and chalk powder will always remain the favorite. Technology has also given a vent for more options like the vinyl stickers which not only saves time but also easy to peel off.

  1. Synthetically coloured rangoli

Both natural as well as the synthetically colored powders are employed to fill up the shapes and therefore enhance the contours of the drawing.

  1. Popular names of rangoli

Popular names of rangoli

Rangoli is a common sight especially in Southern India. Here rangoli is known by several different names depending upon different regions as well as languages. We call it Hase in Karnataka and Muggulu in Andrapradesh.

  1. Rangoli is a form of art

Rangoli is basically a legacy that has been hand downed to us by our ancestors. It is a form of art that has survived since ages and will continue to do so for generations to come. Patterns are so made with the help of rice powder along the corners as well as the skirting of the floor that the food becomes easily accessible to the ants. Rangoli then attracts a diversity of birds thereby altering the entire ambiance of the garden or the area where it is made.

  1. Rangoli is a part of rituals

Rangoli is a part of rituals

Making a rangoli is one of the most essential parts for almost all the rituals as well as festivals. The patterns of the designs of rangoli are customized so as to welcome Goddess Lakshmi- the Goddess of prosperity to usher in affluence. The occasions like weddings are incomplete in the absence of Rangoli.

  1. Significance of rangoli

Significance of rangoli

Rangoli has a great significance in Indian culture. It is known to bring not only prosperity but also wealth. It has a very interesting part to play in chalking out the plans for the harmonious co-existence of all the living creatures on the earth.

  1. Making a rangoli

Ideally Rangolis are made at daybreak and before sunrise. Prior to making a rangoli it is important to clean the  courtyards. Also, the courtyards  are watered for the purpose of making a rangoli.

All in all, these are the top 10 rangoli facts and designs for this diwali. There are also a lot of competitions conducted to evaluate the command of one on making the intricate rangoli designs, within a certain time slot. You can use these designs there as well.

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