Top 10 Reasons For Losing Sales On Your Website

Online retail game is a tough one to win. The winning in the online retail sales is nothing but never ending quench for sales through your website. The virtual reality experience in doing shopping for customers should provide the same experience as they are shopping in a real world retail outlet. Or else, they are going to lose the interest in your site, and prefer to go for a real retail outlet for their shopping needs. Let us look into the top 10 reasons for losing sales on your website.

  1. Price

sales on your website

Price of a product determines the buyer’s decision ultimately. The buyer is mainly influenced by the competitiveness in the price, and how much can he save through buying from your website.

  1. Product Range

sales on your website

Customers desire more options for them to decide on what to buy. The more product range you have on your website, the more your customer is satisfied and is more likely to make a purchase.

  1. Size

sales on your website

Often customers struggle to obtain their exact size while shopping for their attire. Moreover, it is quintessential for the online retail outlets to specify the exact size of the attire to make it easy for their customers in finding out their exact fit.

  1. Site Functionality

sales on your website

If you have put up a shopping spree on your retail site and the site’s functionality was down causing trouble for the customers to access the website, then it is no use in creating hype about the performance of your website.

  1. Latency

sales on your website

The site performance in responding to the queries of your customers should be up to the mark through a fast delivery.

  1. Site Search

sales on your website

The retail website should be well built by providing tagging system for all the products that you are offering and provide advanced search features to your customers. Tagging system helps your customers in easily identifying and finding the products that they desire on your website.

  1. Stock availability

sales on your website

Many customers demand a large variety of products hanging on the web pages, to select from for their shopping needs. So, it is necessary to have the stock in ready for quick and easy sales to your customers.

  1. Navigation

sales on your website

A properly navigated website providing quick links to all the web pages impresses your customers on your website performance. Labelling all the web pages with links to navigate is very much necessary for providing easy navigation all over the site for your customers.

  1. Discounts/Offers

sales on your website

One more important aspect in determining the success of your retail website is the offers and discounts that you provide to your customers and prove your market competency. Offers and discounts that you offer on your products play a vital role in the success of your promotional activities and bringing customers to your website.

  1. Imagery

sales on your website

Many people demand, a preview imagery of the products that before making a purchase, as a matter of making buying decision and gaining confidence on your business. So, the more you provide imagery examples of your products, the better confidence you get from your customers on your business.

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