TOP 10 Most Useful SEO Tools that Drives Website Traffic


With the advent of internet, things have been changing rapidly; there is a huge internet market with lots of websites, blogs or online stores. Internet has given a kind of virtual space to be expressive like in blogs. It has become a source of knowledge and given opportunities for individuals to earn money online too like in the form of online stores. But with many competitors present, many online store varieties of information available, what makes something stand out and that too how. To help you in this we have SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization, which is a way of optimizing a website to perform better in search. With the help of SEO, you can increase the visibility of your website including keywords which are highly searched as per the ranking criteria and that certainly leads you towards generating higher number of visitors on your website. SEO is certainly very helpful in increases the chance of visitors on your website thus in turn enabling you to grow your online business. SEO clearly increases your chance of success as coming among the top searches of search engine raises the level of trust among users. There are various varieties of SEO tools available that will do wonders for your online space and will earn you thousands of dollars.

Using SEO tools gives you an edge over to your other competitors. Following are the most used SEO Tools as described below:

1) Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the most popular SEO tools available that helps you find appropriate and perfect keyword to reach your customer rightly .With the help Of Google Keyword Planner you increases your chances of being among the top searches on online search portal and getting a fair chance of being seen and viewed in enlarging your business.

2) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most widely used SEO tool that tracks the website traffic which gives a better judgment of the visitors landing up on your website. Not Only websites but you can also track visitors on mobile apps. Google Analytics imprints a significant impact on site performance.

3) Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insight checks your speed and usability of your website. It checks performance of your website. It lets you know loopholes in your website glitches that lessen the performance of your website. And once the loopholes are known, they can be mending easily. Also Google Page Speed Insights provides your both positive and negative feedback increases the greater chances of success rate.

4) SEOquake

SEOquake is an easy SEO tool that is simply a free plug-in for your browser that provides you with organic research data instantly with just a click. SEOquake lets to compare your website with competitors in terms to performance. SEOquake helps in finding link opportunities as well which can prove to be the stepping stones for big success.

5) Open Site Explorer

Open site Explorer helps you to remain ahead of your competitors to identifying most searched keywords and keeping an eye on the competitors working style. Open site explorer lets you examine your strengths , Weaknesses , opportunities and threats from competitors , in short examine your SWOT analysis and remain way ahead of your competitors by just including the trending keywords that are bound to increase the website traffic.

6) SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is the smart SEO tool available to increases your outreach on the internet space, it is perfect tool for digital marketing that provides insights of the working of the website which in turn helps in increasing performance and double the chances of success to grow their market share in the digital space available. With SimilarWeb tool user gets the Idea of the in-depth traffic on website and its true statistics with just a simple click. It is helpful in spying what brings the traffic on the website of your competitors which equips you further with ideas to similarly make your website popular too.

7) SERPs Rank Checker

SERPs Rank checker is like knowing the worth of keywords on your website as per the Google search engine portal. It checks for the rank of the website’s keyword on the Google search engine which gives ideas of the website’s traffic. It is very important to have high ranks for the keywords if you want to attain a good website traffic increasing number of visitors on your website in turn increasing the chances of earning a good descent amount by increasing your presence on the digital space and coming on the top ranks when a particular keyword is searched on the search engine portal.


Keyword Tool provides you with handful of ideas of inserting a popular keywords in your website that increase your chance of increasing chances of gaining popularity on the online space. It is a very useful keyword research tool that helps increasing chances of success rate. It uses long tail keywords and related keywords for any topic that makes it easy to navigate through the searches.

9) Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a useful SEO tool that helps in backlinking checker tools which gives past growth trends. It helps in determining your competitors back links and inspect its past trends that give a fair idea of useful links and keywords that can increase popularity of your website presence on the digital presence. Open Site Explorer helps in building opportunities and compare ranking of your website with competitors.

10) Google Trends

Google trends provides to keep a track on searches how often a keyword is searched on Google search in terms of Google search volumes across the world. It‘s very useful in determine the most trending keywords on the search portal that drives the internet traffic mostly and in calculating those trending keywords in your website increase the chances of coming on the top spot in Google search portal which gives fair chances for increasing footfall on your website easily .It is the most widely used SEO tool.

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