Top 10 Ways To Beat The Scorching Summer Heat

summer heat

In this severe heat of summer, we experience a lot of weakness to our body, along with increased air conditioning bills to beat the heat, and added to that is the miserable outdoor conditions that suck off our energy making us weak.

The constantly running air conditioning in our house, may keep us escaped from the severe heat in the summer, but it nevertheless drains our wallet. Being smart and abiding to certain procedures in 24/7, may help you in keeping your air conditioner off and save you some money.

We can take advantage of certain tactical procedures to beat the summer heat without making your electricity meter run out of control to higher peaks, every month in this summer.

  1. Drink more water Summer-heat

Water is the precious and free resource that is available to many of us on this Earth. So, taking advantage of this availability we can control our body temperatures going up with severe summer heat, by drinking as much water as possible.

  1. Exercise, even in the heat Summer-heat

Don’t try to switch off doing exercises every day, just to escape from the sweat and heat in the summer. It is better to switch to the exercises that keep your body cool, even when exercising like swimming, and those that involve with water; than to completely stopping doing the exercises.

  1. Block sunny side windows Summer-heat

In the day time, the best strategy to escape from the heat from the burning sun in summer is to keep close the windows and doors that bring sun into your home. It is better to use at least a thin cover to block the sunny heat, if it is hard for you to use heavy blockades to block the sunny heat.

  1. Keep windows open at night  Summer-heat

Even if you close the windows in the day time, do not forget to open them in the night time that lets the cool breeze let inside your home, and cools your room temperature. The cool breeze that comes in from outside, is better than the cooling of the air conditioner, so let some cool breeze in.

  1. Keep the ceiling fan running in anti-clockwise Summer-heat

This is an in-expensive tool that helps you in giving a cool temperature. It is better to keep the setting of the ceiling fan to run in anti-clockwise direction to get more cooling, than in the clockwise direction.

  1. Take multiple cold showers in a day Summer-heat

To keep your body cool and to escape from the heat in summer, it is better to take bath multiple times in a day to cool yourself.

  1. Get into the basement and spend sometime Summer-heat

If you have a basement in your house, then it is the best cool part in your house. This is a better hang out place in the summer time for you and your family so get into it and spend some time in it for a while.

  1. Keep the table fans in the opposite direction at the window Summer-heat

Putting the table fans in the opposite direction lets more cooling come inside. This is a trick not everybody knows. So, try this once and enjoy the cool breeze in the summer time.

  1. Run fan and air conditioner simultaneously Summer-heat

Keeping ceiling fan air conditioner running at the same helps you in keeping the room cooler. While the air conditioner removes humidity from the air in your room, the fan evaporates sweat from your body and keeps heat away.

10. Dress Right


This last tip is to say that wear the perfect clothes that let the sweat wick away and that stick feeling away from your body. And, more importantly avoid wearing tight clothes and stick to lose clothes.

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