10 Exclusive Valentines Surprises for your beloved ones


George Sand expressed it in a few words that there is just one reason for happiness in life –to love and be loved. Every day on the calendar is meant to spread smiles, love and care, yet the February month has been announced as the journey celebrated with the most beloved person of your life. 14th Feb is celebrated as Valentine’s Day all around the world with immense romance in the air. Though it is dedicated to the loving couples, nevertheless it is for those special souls who have always been special in their own ways.Here are 10 very creative tips on how you can surprise your Valentines  and create an ambiance of fulfillment of her fantasy by organizing the wishful events

Valentine Gift

To make it an unforgettable moment and express your heartiest feelings, the day gives you the opportunity to make every dearest effort to surprise your darling. The Cupid’s day blows the candles of expectations and pleasant gifts wrapped in tonnes of love. The ringing bells, violins and music symbolize the exchange of thoughts and compassion. So if you’re out for Valentine’s Day gift, get some prior ideas to plan out something really stunning and pleasing.

Valentines Day Surprises

Try understanding the dreams of your partner and bring them lively for her eyes. Nothing can be as special as bringing a life curing smile to your loved one’s face. It can be your family, friends or your soul mate for which you can design a magnificent universe.   So don’t keep it random but do follow your heart and use some of the 10 fantastic ideas to surprise your valentine on the auspicious occasion of love.

Trip to an island 

Valentines Surprises

Nothing but an island can be the only place where you can feel the love embracing you together, the soothing waves drifting through ears and the crystal clear sea takes you to a heavenly land. You can make your girl feel like a princess of the entire kingdom. Spending time on the shores and walking through the sand is as romantic as a cuddle or a kiss. Believe me, it would be the best surprise your partner has ever dreams of.

Create a day of surprises

Valentine surprise

Keep sending cute little packs of gifts in every hour of the day and notice the facial glow. It could be a bunch of scented flowers, Valentine’s Day card, soft toys, chocolates, apparels, or anything that the person might look up for most usually. This event of endless astonishing gifts will not only reveal your extreme care but also your passion to impress your lady or the gentleman.

A pet for animal lovers Valentine Special

Little kittens, pair of love birds, parrot or a pug, an aquarium with colorful fishes will definitely touch your partner’s heart. A pet lover would jump on you with joy to thank you for such a lovely thought.

A romantic dinner A romantic dinner

A starry night with amazing food with someone very close to heart sounds so alluring. Dress up smartly and request your partner to drape in a costume that you have got for her on the special day before you take her/him out for a dinner date. You can ask her for a dance on the slow romantic tracks. Make your eve more happening by going for a long drive or a small distance walk together.

Love quotes valentine day quotes

The foremost idea of expressing your affections is by acknowledging your beloved by narrating few poetic lines quoting your feelings. It is very important to tell the person why you have fallen for her/ him. It’s not always the concern but indeed the words of love that must be exchanged time to time. Sharing of expressions and good thoughts is the best way to reach someone’s heart.

Memories bundled together in a picture collage Memories bundled together in a picture collage

Collect your pictures that remind you of the golden days spend together and frame them in one concept. Wrap the gift in layers and let the surprise brings a sigh of bliss in the eyes of the gorgeous lady or the handsome gentleman.

Video presentation Video presentation Valentine

It is an eureka moment to review the memories through the visuals and live the contended past once again. It will surely gratify your mood. To add up, you can sit together and chirp for a while sharing some fun moments.

Home decor and self cooked delicacies Home decor and self cooked delicacies

Decorate your home with flowers, bells and enlighten it up with burning scented candles to create a romantic aura all around. To enhance your efforts, cook some favourite recipes on your own and savour them altogether. It is well said that a door to someone’s heart is through their tummy.

A Bouquet welcome A Bouquet welcome

Red roses are meant to signify love. A bouquet full of roses or orchids not only spreads fragrance but also brings colors to your life. Your partner could not stop herself appreciating the beauty of flowers and your relentless efforts.

First date again valentine surprise

Plan a date in such a way that rejoices your first meeting or the proposal ceremony day. Do things that remind you of your naughty yet happy times. Either go for an open air dinner dance or a rain dance. Else try freaking out on road and enjoy street food. Remember that any of your romantic ideas that runs out from a pure heart, done with love will be highly appreciated.

These are the classy ideas that can make your valentine day even more memorable with cute little attempts put forth to make your beloved dance with delight. Have a happy valentine’s day !


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