Top 10 Most Excellent And Preferred Bakeries in Chandigarh for Cakes


The city beautiful is a place where people love celebrating all the events, how so ever minor it might be. Any event, on the other hand is incomplete without the cake. People here in the city are the bakery products lover which has promoted the business of bakery in Chandigarh. Right from cakes to desserts and from bread to special baked products, bakeries that are Chandigarh based have a lot to offer. Here is a list of Top 10 Most Excellent And Preferred Bakeries in Chandigarh for Cakes that will help you to select your favourite one, next time you need to order the cake:


1.Nik Baker’s, Chandigarh


All their bakery outlets find a suitable location in prime sectors of Chandigarh including Elante, Sector 22, 35 and also 9. Nik Baker’s ican rightly be called as one of the best bakeries in the city that has been serving a variety of cakes and bakes in addition to some delicious savories for quite a long time by now. One specialty of them is their multi-grain bread which is very good. You should surely try the banoffee pie, chocolate-walnut cake, chocolate eclairs, dessert combos and blueberry cheesecake. Additionally, you can also enjoy amazing waffles and pancakes here.

2.Monica’s Pudding & Pies


Serving Chandigarh since 1994 is the Monica’s Pudding & Pies. The bakery is famous for its cookies, sandwiches, and Bread. It uses the best quality chocolates and other ingredients in the bakery items. Two things that are a must try is the fresh bread and the dry cakes. These include walnut cake, sweet almond sticky cake, and dark chocolate though souffle tops the chart. You also have an option for healthy sandwiches at Monika’s Bakery Chandigarh only if you are not that health conscious.


3.Chandigarh Baking Company


If you wish to choose from among a wide range of cakes and bakes then Chandigarh Baking Company is the name. it is by far the best 5 star bakery in Chandigarh. Here the experts are known to create some yummy awesome desserts that are absolutely heavenly. Great taste along with the excellent service is the reason that makes this bakery in Chandigarh quite an awesome one.


4.Cookie’s Jar, Sector 46


Cookie’s Jar are known all over the city for the preparation of some beautiful cakes that can make any occasion even the more special. You will find the bakery in Sector 46. Here you will enjoy the outstanding bakes that you will be served ith love and affection. Awesome designs in add to the unique taste is what you will find at Cookie’s Jar.



5.Oven Fresh


Oven Fresh is quite a popular and one of the old bakery in the town. You can find it present in all the prime locations of Chandigarh. These locations include Sector 26, 35 and Elante Mall. The bakery bags popularity for the wide variety of cakes, pasta and a wide range of grill sandwiches. If having coffee is your favorite pastime then you will fall in love with this place. Chocolate brownie and apple pie are the two things that you should never miss out if you plan to visit this bakery.



6.Vinnie’s – the Artisan Bakers


There are not many who have an upper hand in providing the designer cakes. In the list of few, Vinnie’s bags a place for being a well-known bakery in Chandigarh when it is designer cakes that we are talking about. Creative ideas and beautiful flavors make Vinnies Bakery popular among the people in Chandigarh. You will enjoy the sweetest smells of the world right here once you enter the gateways of this bakery.


7.Buddies Bakery, Sector 15


This one is a small, cozy bakery having excellent interiors in Sector 15, Chandigarh, it is surely a great place to hangout with addition to being a bakery, it also exhibits the features of a cafe offering an amazing variety of cakes and pastries that are not only tempting but absolutely mouth-watering. One thing that you should surely try is the paan chocolate in addition to others being milk chocolate swiss rolls, pineapple pastry, and chocolate pops. Do not forget the mushroom roll and puff pastry.


8.Polka Bakery, Chandigarh


Here at Polka Pastry Shop in Sector 34, Chandigarh you will get the best Swiss Rolls. The most attractive feature is it being a takeaway bakery. The bakery offers some delicious pastry and bakery products that cause the mouth to water. This bakery chain is serving some yummy and delicious cakes for a long time by now. The savory products are surely a must try.


9.Petite Sweet


Ever tasted what Europe serves like? No, then go and visit Petite Sweet. Here in  Chandigarh itself, you will be able to experience the taste of Europe. The in-house bakery products at Petite Sweet are the center of attraction which are using the best ingredients in town. Petite Sweet Bakery that finds a location in Sector 8, Chandigarh offers you the mouth-watering morning pastries, flaky croissants, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cakes, cookies, pies in addition to fresh home baked bread.


10.Sweet Nothings


Yet another bakery, Sweet Nothings finds itself a suitable place in Sector 8 of Chandigarh. There are not many in the city that are popular or known for their eggless options but this one is. It provides you options including orange, chocolate, walnut, and banana bar cakes. Name any and you will find it to be the best bakery preparations as all of these are superbly sumptuous and good. The items served becomes all the most attractive when these are served by the courteous staff who also help you in deciding from the various available options.


All in all, these are top 10 bakeries in Chandigarh that are known for serving good stuff to the citizens in order to make their special occasions, all the more special. So, next time when you need and bakery item then you must know the place where you need to go.

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