Healthcare Mistakes

Wrong Diagnosis: Top 5 Steps to Take When Mistakes Happen in Healthcare

Anyone can find it confusing and upsetting to receive an incorrect diagnosis. Mistakes like misinterpreting a patient’s symptoms, performing tests incorrectly, or miscommunicating with other healthcare professionals can have serious effects on the patient’s health and well-being. But it’s important to approach the matter rationally and take the initiative to resolve the problem. Here are…

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Safe Dental Practice During

Top 10 Ways to Practice a Safe Dental Practice During The Corona Crisis

Oral health professionals are no more than warriors fighting the Corona battle. Despite a high risk category and having an increased exposure to droplet infections (one of the major causes for Coronavirus transmission) dentists, dental hygienists, dental nurses and assistants are working hard to provide a safe operating atmosphere to their patients, staff and anyone…

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Tips To Clean And Disinfect Your Home

Tips To Clean And Disinfect Your Home During COVID-19

Wearing disposable gloves is necessary while disinfecting the items. Visibly dirty surfaces should be thoroughly precleaned with water and soap. Household disinfectants that meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards are suitable for use against coronavirus. You must follow the instructions on the product label to ensure appropriate and effective use of the product. Following are…

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