Top 10 World’s Natural Wonders of the Earth


In the world around, there are some natural beauties which are unique in their own kind with wonderful and magnificent naturally occurred formations. These exceptional beauties are renowned tourist attractions from around the world for their unusual formations. There might be many surprises that nature comes with, but this list of top 10 unusual natural wonders of the earth are indeed exceptional in their own ways. Go ahead and take a tour to these unusual natural wonders for your tour plan.

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

natural wonders of the earth

This world’s largest flat surface is in Southwest Bolivia. This prehistoric salt lake went dry and left behind a desert like landscape of bright white salt, cacti studded islands and rock formations.

Red Seabeach, Panjin, China

natural wonders of the earth

This nature reserve in this Chinese city turns all red in every autumn. This unusual and impressive landscape is defined by the red grass genus Sueda. The shallow seas and tidelands located in this area attract large number of birds every season, which makes it a further more attractive area for tourists.

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Maranhão, Brazil

natural wonders of the earth

Located in Maranhao state in Brazil, the area is composed of large, white, sweeping dunes that are filled with water lagoons in between. The fresh water from rains is collected in valleys in between sand dunes and an impermeable rock beneath the sand prevents the water from going under.

One’uli Beach, Maui, Hawaii, USA

natural wonders of the earth

The beach is famous for being habitant for snorkelling and swimming. The beautiful marine life and the black sand in the beach offer a picturesque view for the tourists.

Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

natural wonders of the earth

The water at this beach shines and glows blue in the nights, just like the stars in the sky and offers to the viewers a wonderful view of the beach. The secret for this effect is due to a species of marine microbes, called phytoplankton, cause this effect because of their bioluminescent and emanate the blue glow, creating a most romantic natural lighting.

Hamilton Pool, Texas, USA

natural wonders of the earth

This natural beauty pool is formed because of the dome of an underground river collapsed due to severe erosion. The beautiful river is formed by a wonderful 50 foot waterfall.

Champagne Pool, North Island, New Zealand

natural wonders of the earth

Because of the constant efflux of the carbon dioxide gas the hot spring is formed as a Champagne pool. The surroundings are full of rich minerals and silicates which create an effect of variety of colours and vibrations.

Marble Caves, Carerra Lake, Argentina and Chile 

natural wonders of the earth

The marble caves are an amazing and wonderful blue and grey cave chambers which are a unique geological formation. There will be boat tours to see the natural and beautiful formations of the rocks for the tourists.

Lake Hillier, Australia

natural wonders of the earth

This 600 meter long saline lake appears a solid bubble gum pink colour, from the top. This significant and distinguishing feature of the lake in this archipelago makes the air passengers to crane their necks to look at this unusual natural beautiful formation.

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves, North Island, New Zealand

natural wonders of the earth

This common place is full of glowworms that give the cave a sparkling and beautiful effect when looked at the top of the cave. There are boat tours organized to offer the tourists this wonderful sighting in the cave.

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