The Top 10 Personal Injury Attorneys In New York City

Top NYC Injury Lawyers

Unexpected falls slips on the city sidewalk, or a car accident on a busy street can cause serious injuries. When this happens, you may need to seek legal help to claim personal injury compensation. Here are the top ten personal injury attorneys in New York City, chosen for their passion, experience, and track record of obtaining justice for their clients.

  • Barnes and Cellino

They are known for offering special legal assistance with a team of experienced lawyers who are skilled in personal injury lawsuits. They have been able to get huge settlements for their clients and this has earned them great reputations

  • Steigman, Rubinowitz, Gair,Bloom, Conason, Mackauf, and Hershenhorn 

This law firm has many years of experience and has a lot of million-dollar settlements and cases in personal injury cases. Their group of lawyers is best known for their firm support for clients.

  • Murphy and Block O’Toole

They are also well known for winning several personal injury cases. They have a solid track record in winning even some of the most difficult cases. Their lawyers are committed to making meaningful gains in fighting for the rights of injury victims and their families.

  • The Perecman Firm

This firm was founded by David Perecman, who was once an accident victim. The firm is today renowned for its commitment to justice. They promote customized care and have been able to get their clients significant compensation.

  • Cannavo and Sullivan Papain Block McGrath Coffinas

This firm is well known for its talented lawyers with a track record of success in personal injury cases. They help their clients seek compensation for their injuries through a well-structured legal presentation. They also have a great understanding of the New York laws and regulations.

  • Luxenberg and Weitz

This firm is experienced in handling complicated personal injury matters. They have obtained verdicts worth billions of dollars and settlements for their clients. Their lawyers are well known for their strong support and sympathetic demeanor towards clients.

  • Rynecki and Rubenstein

When it comes to personal injury, Rynecki and Rubenstein have established a greater reputation. They excel in representing victims of misconduct and carelessness. Their lawyers work hard to ensure clients get the most compensation. 

  • Frekhtman and Associates

This firm is known for offering the best legal defense in circumstances surrounding personal injuries. They focus on expertise and honesty. They are praised for helping many customers who have suffered serious injuries.

  • Simonson Goodman Platzer PC

They committed to helping injured victims and their families get their rights. This firm is also known for its incredible defense and personalized trial methods. Their lawyers have experience in handling personal injury cases with significant results.

  • Koenigsberg and Associates Law Offices

Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices is dedicated to defending the rights of wounded people and seeking justice on their behalf. The firm is an expert in several personal injury cases.


If you have experienced personal injury, which could be a fall, slip, or any other related occurrence caused by someone else negligence, you can seek legal help from any of the above firms. Their renowned track record is more likely to be a difference in your case. 

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