Tips to grow Long and Healthy Hair

Tips to grow Long and Healthy Hair

Waiting for your hair to grow is one of the most troublesome and frustrating task. It is said that your hair grows only six inches a year. However, you can accelerate the process by taking proper care of your hair. In this guide we are going to reveal some tips to grow long and healthy hair. All these tips relate to the procedure in which you wash and dry your hair.

  1. Stop washing your hair daily

By wash your hair on daily basis or frequently, you tend to get rid of the oils that are naturally produced. This is not good for your hair. These are the oils that are meant to protect the hair shafts in addition to providing moisture to your scalp. By flooding your hair with excessive shampoo and chemicals, you tend to not only break your hair but at the same time prevent it from growing healthy. The dryness of your hair is directly proportional to the number of head washes you take in a row. If solidifying the health of your hair is your attention then wash your hair with a gap of at least two days if not more.

  1. Justified application of shampoo

Yes, we all love the foam that comes up on the hair as soon as we apply shampoo on it. But, do we love it at the cost of our hair health? I guess not. Use shampoo in a quantity that is decent enough to wash your hair and get rid of dirt and oil. Excessive application of shampoo on your hair has a detrimental impact on the health of your hair. Overusing shampoo can literally crack your hair thereby making your split ends even worse. Apply shampoo only to the scalp of your hair and do not scrub the ends of the hair. The soap will easily slide down the ends of the hair the moment you rinse your hair. This will eventually clean them without you having to apply excessive damaging force. Though many of us believe that it is better to switch shampoos on regular basis but the truth is that you must stick to one type of a shampoo only. It must be one that suits you the best.

  1. Use conditioner

The role of conditioner is basically to replenish the lost lipids as well as proteins. Application of dye or say the heat takes away the required lipids and proteins from your hair. The strands that are towards the base of hair begin to grow weaker with the passage of time. It is important to bolster these again. These are also known to seal the cuticle of hair. By simply applying conditioner to your hair you save your hair from further damage.

  1. Comb your hair carefully

In case there is any sort of irritation or any type of inflammation to the scalp then the health of your hair is at stake. You can avoid hair fall by simply paying attention to it in the initially stages. One way that you damage you hair is by aggressively combing or brushing it. When your hair is wet it is more vulnerable to breaking. Exerting physical stress on it damages hair fibre resulting in flaking of the protective cuticle. To escape all this horror, you need to be very choosy with the type of comb you use. Make use of wide-tooth comb and ensure beginning to brush your hair from the bottom instead of doing it from top. This will be of great help at preventing breakage.

  1. Let you hair dry naturally

Yes, technology is a blessing when it comes to getting the solutions to all the problems instantly. Such is a case with drying your wet hair as well. However, rushing to dry your hair can really be problematic resulting in a great damage to your hair and its health. Blow drying literally fries the moisture at the surface of your hair. Your hair will end up losing what we call “water of hydration.” As a result of loss of water of hydration your hair cuticles becomes dry in addition to rigid as well as brittle. This results in cracking of cuticles causing hair breakage. Wrapping up your wet hair in towel also damage your hair. The hair of the health further deteriorates when you rub it to dry with the towel. In order to dry your hair, rub it with the soft microfiber towel or make use of a cotton tee-shirt.

All in all, these are the tips to grow long and healthy hair naturally. These tips require a negligible effort on your end but the results that these have in store for you are profound. To share your ideas on the topic you can make use of the comment section below.

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