Top 10 emerging technologies that will affect our life

emerging technologies

The world is rapidly evolving into a new face every day with latest technologies being introduced every often. When electricity is introduced, it took fifty years to adopt electricity for one in four Americans. Later on it got faster. For the same number of people, it took 30 years to use radio in their homes for entertainment. Then it got much faster. Later, when colour TV is introduced, it took 18 years to accept it. For mobile phones it took 13 years and for laptops it took only seven years. With the increasing standards of living of the people, every day, the world is evolving very fast with people adapting to newer technologies becoming very fast. In the current era, we can find hardly any industry that is not changing to new faces. Every day we are seeing changes in education, agriculture, energy, banking, health and even in the fashion industry. Technology is the main ingredient for all these changes and we cannot even imagine any evolvement without it.

Let us delve into the list of top 10 emerging technologies that will soon affect your life in the coming five years, without any doubt.

1.Big Data

This term is utilized to represent all the data that we create, store, and that we use in our everyday life. The amount of data that is being generated everyday is growing high everyday enormously at very high rates. It does not only involve the data, but also tools that we use in creating, storing and analyzing this data.

2.Internet of Things

Internet of Things is an invisible network formed through interconnected electronic devices around you using their sensors connected to the internet. Using this smart sensors and Internet of Things technology, we can automate the operation of devices or receive alerts from them for any particular course of activity.

3.Robotics and AI

The AI denotes a man made machine with human intellectual abilities, which is a replica of the human thought process.

4.Augmented Reality

AR is based on the concept that your perceptions create your reality and in turn the world around influences your perception. The same reality that we see is characterized and even can be manipulated by certain smells, sounds or images around us.

5.Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)

This technology consists of micro computers and other tiny mechanical devices like gears, actuators, valves and pumps.


This technology based on biology is the biomolecular and cellular processes that help us in developing products that improve our way of life and the planet.


Through nanotechnology we can develop nanomaterials using particles of nanoscale dimensions.

8.Terahertz Imaging

This technology helps in improving sensory capabilities beyond the boundaries of the human body and will be able to detect explosives that were considered invisible previously and it also helps in pat planning for self driving cars.

9. 3D Printing

This special printer will be able to print a 3 dimensional object from a digital file from your computer.

10.Advanced Energy Storage and Generation

As the population and the technology are developing day by day the energy utilization is also increasing along with it.

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