Top 10 Expert Blogging Tips for 2018

Top 10 Expert Blogging Tips for 2018

There were list of bloggers, we interviewed many of them to get the top best 10 tips which will help to take your blog to next level. Click on your Instagram and check there are number of bloggers sharing content on myriad of topics- from diets to furniture’s and real estate, peddling travel tips. You may be find that they are real blogger. Now, you are thinking that is there a room for aspiring bloggers like you and me? There are lot of opportunities if you are looking to enter the blogosphere. You don’t need a luck, any ticket you just need an expert advice. Consider all these top 10 tips and become expert blogger of the 2018.

• Firstly, be remarkable

Seth Godin and his book The Purple Cow are the best example to be remarkable. Being different is the first step towards victory. In blogging, it is very important that you have built a good audience and your are different from others. In Seth Godin book, he says that we will never interested in normal cows but if there will be purple cow we will get amazed and run forward to touch it. So this indicates that you have to be a catch brand to grab attention fast. So try to post such a blog which are different and unique.

• Brainstorm with everyday life thing

You will never heard this that a blogger is saying niche they are working saturated, which practically never happens. You always generate fresh ideas twist them and create them in your own style and produce a valuable content. Sky is the limit when it comes to brainstorming and generating ideas. Gather information from your everyday activities and provide content. Practice with brainstorm and create number of blogs ideas. Readers love to read unique ideas and new stuff.

Have a unique tilt in the Content

When you are sitting in a group where everyone is giving there point of views on same thing it is very difficult to make a loyal audience. Then it is very important that the point you are delivering it should be different and should have different perspective . Try to use some different ideas which are lacking in this world. Try to put such kind of stuff which was ignored earlier.

Treat your blog as a Media Platform

Try to use that content which is audience lacking. All these efforts are for the reader who is reading your blog to get some information. If you will provide valuable content and some important information , reader will definitely acknowledge it . Treat your blog like a media platform to get readership faster. Create the blog which will encourage the reader. Talk in such a way with whom you are talking everyday and think it is useful and make it attractive, so the person or reader got attractive towards your ideas and views. Medical platform is used to attract more reader.

• Write the content in the form of FAQs

Write the content in the form of FAQs
Everybody wants quick answers to their queries. Few of them read whole content to avoid the problem of ignorance of short question answers. This help reader to stay on a articles for a long time and Get inspire from the famous question answer site quora. If your answer are straight forward it will attract people to follow your blog. It also helps for good ranking in blogging field.

• Listicles will always help you rock

Presentation matters a lot, if you will use bullets point, it will make your blog little different. People don’t like to read big paragraphs. It is easy to read the list post and they convey idea very Quickly. If you are using heading and images it makes points more easier. List post will boost your on page timing which is important for google ranking faster. Plus paragraphs are little difficult to understand rather than list posts.

• Leverage video for content

Add videos in your content to make it interesting. Just like images it force visitor to visit your blog. It is a fast way to consume content and take less time to read post. So you can start off with videos which will be great benificiary to your blogging January. This make blog little interesting. Especially youngster will definitely like it.

• Document Editorial Mission

Most of the blogger don’t have a documented editorial mission statement. It is a statement of what your blog is all about, what kind of information you want to provide . If you have this editorial Mission statement you only focus unconditionally on your blog. No distraction occurs and only focus on relevant topics. It help you to keep your voice alive in your blog. For time saving focus is very important.

• Prepare an Editorial calendar for Consistency

If you want to grow your blog fast it is important to do regular posting. You can also prepare editorial calendar for regular posting of videos, audio’s etc. You may be write different types of post according to your schedule with a specific types. But this editorial calendar will help you to set a schedule and publish them on a perfect time. This will help you in blogging progress.

• Display Content Marketing

This content marketing is popular because it gives long term blogging success. It create valuable content and provide good services offers . Even for content marketing , You need to set a strategy goal which help you to attract loyal audience and collect good ideas and views. You can start content marketing with your blog.

Blogging can be a big joke if it is done in a wrong way. You can write blog in a proper manner with the help of images and videos which will make your blog attractive and you will get a good success in a short time. Apply these ideas and become top most blogger with a good ranking. Blogging trend is changing along with online marketing. Please let us know if we are missing something, we will update and get back to you. Like, comment and share.

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