Top 10 fitness workouts to lose body fats

If your fitness goal is to lose your body fats and gain rock hard abs and a chiseled body then these are the top 10 workouts to lose body fats. It is also important to know what actually happens in your body why you gain weight and body fats.

The body fats can become surplus because of a combination of different factors. These factors can be your diet, genetics, or even may be because of the lack of physical activities. In order to burn those calories and fats, it is important to have an appropriate workout. Here are top 10 workouts meant to lose body fats.

  1. Calisthenics

Gymnasts train to attain perfection in their gymnasium by performing various bodyweight exercises called calisthenics. These exercises involve pull ups, pushups and various other dynamic movements that keep the body guessing and balancing your body. The intensity of your workout influences the calories burnt in any session of this calisthenics workout.

  1. CrossFit

Lately this workout is gaining popularity. Crossfit involves bodyweight, Olympic lift and other isolation exercises. There are two methods in carrying this workout. One method involves doing preps in a timely manner, and other, where you will carry out the preps on a numbered basis.

  1. Cycling

Cycling is a great way to burn your fats and to stay fit. Since it is a perfect machine workout, you can burn your calories more than in the normal workouts. If you go for a hilly terrain than on a normal terrain, then the impact will be more in burning your those extra calories. Moreover, the change of pace in cycling can also have a large impact on burning those extra calories of yours.

  1. Wall Climbing

This is a whole body workout, where every part of your body is strained to complete the wall climbing. As you go up through wall climbing, more number of calories is burnt and similarly while you go down, a bit less number of calories is burnt.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is another best way to burn your calories and stay fit. Many people follow this activity for burning their calories and stay fit as their usual fitness activity.

  1. Burpees

This workout is invented by the Royal H Burpee, and is also named after him. He is an American psychologist. This is a total body workout and it involves a lot of activities such as squash, jump squats and pushups.

  1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Popularly called as BJJ, it is a martial art based technique which involves using the opponent’s weight against him or her. The core principles involved in BJJ are the use of technique, timing and leverage in order to defeat larger opponents.

  1. Boxing

This is the only workout that involves the use of only hands and legs in attacking and defending from the opponent. Beware, that this workout also involves receiving punches and kicks from the opponent as well.

  1. Dancing

If you are looking out for a workout in a fun way, then dancing is the right choice for you. This workout also involves the whole body movement, so don’t worry if you are losing extra calories.

  1. Running

Last, but not the least. This is an important workout if you want to cut your weight lose some body fats.

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