Top 10 Google Search Tricks


Google is a more powerful tool with its several built-in tools, third party extensions and advanced operators. With some tricks we can even perform some pretty cool stuff than most people realize. These powerful tricks are very easy to use, just by adding some trigger words to the search keyword in the search box. Let us look into 10 of those Google search tricks and features with this list of top 10 Google search tricks:


  1. Search a particular site

If you really like a website, and want to search that particular website for a particular thing, instead of searching the whole web, then this search tool is for you. For example, if you want to search inside website only and no other search results you want. Then you should simply put in the search bar – ‘ mothers day’. This search results will result in all mothers day related web pages in this particular website will be displayed.

  1. Reverse image search

With this search option, you can search for similar images to this at different other resolutions and other related images to this image can be found. In the search results page, if you click on “All” results option, then you will get all information and data related to that particular image, like if you are searching an image of a movie poster, then you can get all information related to that image movie poster using this reverse image search. To use this, simply open Google images search website, and click on ‘camera’ icon in the search bar to search by image. After clicking on the icon, a pop up will appear asking for you to either ‘paste image URL’ or ‘upload an image’. That’s it!

  1. Wildcard suggestions

When searching by a phrase that you are not so familiar with, you can get wildcard suggestions for that particular phrase. For example, if you are searching for, ‘how to _____ a book’, and you don’t know the middle term, you will get wildcard suggestions from Google, by putting different words in the blank.

  1. Find free downloads

To find free downloads, simply enter in the Google search bar, ‘-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” apk’. This search would result in html page indexes of .apk download that are available for you to download.

  1. Discover similar sites

Just by simply putting in ‘roku vs ‘, you will get the similar site in the search suggestions, using which you can find similar sites to this particular website.

  1. Access Cache page from search bar

Simply put, ‘cache:’ to access the Google cache of that particular website. Cache is the snapshot a particular website as on a particular date.

  1. Bypass proxies and blocked sites

In any Google URL, at the end of it, simply add the URL of the website that has been blocked, and then you can easily access that blocked website.

  1. Search for people

In the Google Image search, you can search for people by a particular name, by simply typing the name in the search bar and adding ‘&imagetype=face’. This will remove any unwanted results other than people, and display those only with people faces.

  1. Time based results

You can filter the search results using the time filter given just below the search bar, after the search results are displayed.

  1. Google Advanced Search

If you want a more detailed and/or constrained search, then you can go for advanced search where several other options are available to limit your search options for filtering the results.

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