Top 10 Green and White Flags in The World

Green and White Flags

There are many countries in the world, each with its own unique characteristics. Some areas, such as geographical location, diversity of the population, National symbols or emblems, and even flags, differ greatly from country to country. It’s fascinating to learn about the flags of different countries.

Flags are a way to show your country’s pride. Some flags have symbols that represent the country’s history, values, or people. The colors of a flag may also indicate what the country stands for. What are the countries with green and white flags? We will discuss this in detail in today’s article. Don’t wait any longer, as you will not want to miss this important information.

Flag of Nigeria

The Nigerian flag was designed in 1959, and is based on the idea of creating a national flag that is representative of all Nigeria’s people. The flag has three horizontal stripes, each representing a different part of the country. The top stripe is green, representing the natural resources of Nigeria; the middle stripe is white, representing the purity of the Nigerian people; and the bottom stripe is green, representing the growth of Nigeria. The flag consists of a green field with a white cross in the center. The design was first adopted as the national flag on October 1, 1960, in recognition of the country’s independence. The flag is important for its symbolize the importance of agriculture and its white cross represents strength and unity.


The flag of Siberia has a horizontal band of green, white, and green. The top band is black, representing the country’s minority population. The flag was designed based on the provisional Siberian government, which was created by the white movement. The flag originated from the Russian Civil War, when it consisted of two equal bands of green and white. The white colour represents the white movement, which opposes the Soviet Union; the green bands represent Siberia, which is a huge area of forest land stretching from west to east. The black in the flag represents the disconnection from the Soviet Union to the west.

Flag of Pakistan

The flag of Pakistan is a horizontal tricolor of green and white. The green stands for Islam, the white for purity. The flag was designed by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. The flag of Pakistan got its green and white colors a few days before the partition. The All India Muslim League chose it, and it is the flag of Pakistan. The anthem of Pakistan references the flag in the third verse. The green field on the flag indicates that the majority of the population in the country is Muslim. There is also a white stripe at the left end of the flag, representing the minority population. The crescent moon is a symbol of progress and importance in Islam. It is often used to represent the Islamic faith and its followers. Muslims believe that the moon was created by Allah and is a sign of his mercy. And lastly, the star means light and knowledge.

Flag of Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam is a popular place for churches, and its flag has three horizontal stripes, each representing one of the country’s colors. The flag design was inspired by the country’s coat of arms. The city’s flag has been in use for centuries and the exact year of its creation is unknown. The green color on the flag represents the Wena Court, and the white color symbolizes the Rotte river. Interestingly, when early explorers sailed to America, they stopped in this city to worship at Pilgrims Fathers Church.

Flag of Esperanto

The flag of this country features Verda Stelo. This flag has a green field with a white block that features the Esperanto green star. The flag was officially adopted by the government in 1905, and in the Esperanto culture, the green color is a very important part of it. The star represents the unity and peace that can be found between people. The white color is chosen to represent this and the five points on the star represent the five continents in the world.

Flag of Saudi Arabia

The Muslim creed is written on the green flag of this kingdom. It features a white sword, which symbolizes the kingdom’s commitment to uphold justice. The green color is symbolic of Islam, and the sword demonstrates the kingdom’s ability to administer justice effectively. The Shahada is the religious creed that is written on the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The creed means “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” The flag is identical on both sides, and the Shahada means the same, even if you read it from left to right or right to left. The Shahada has been in use since 1973.

Flag of Norfolk Island

The flag of Norfolk Island features three vertical stripes, green, white, and green. The white stripe features the Norfolk pine, a symbol of the rich agriculture and vegetation on the Island. The green color signifies the Island’s abundant natural resources, which make it a prosperous place to live.  The white color is associated with peace and harmony, and the pine tree is a symbol of Norfolk Island, where it is endemic. Some people find the flag similar to the Nigerian flag, but they are different in many ways.

Flag of North Caucasian Emirate

This state was located on the territory of Dagestan and Chechnya during the Russian Civil War. Uzun Haji was the leader of this state, and the flag of this state had a green field and three stars on it. There is a crescent moon below these three stars, which gives it the appearance of a smiley emoji. Some people believe that this emoji was inspired by the flag of the United States of America.

Flag of Saxony

The German state of Saxony has a flag that is popular around the world. The green and white stripes are evenly spaced on the flag, and they represent the state’s two main colors. The white background on the green field of the Georgia state flag represents the peaceful coexistence of people of different races. The arms in the center of the flag represent the state’s history and identity. The flag was officially adopted by the government in 1991. It is a symbol of our country’s history and its commitment to freedom and justice. Do you know the story behind this flag? Saxon King Frederick Augustus I during the War of Liberation passed the command to lieutenant-general von Lecoq.

Flag of Pine Tree flag

Do you remember the American Revolution? This flag was used at that time. This flag features a white field, and there is a green-colored pine tree on it. The flag features a tree of peace, as it was originally flown by George Washington. The phrase “An appeal to heaven” is inscribed on the flag, demonstrating the patriotic sentiment of the people. The flag has been in use for six cruises, illustrating its enduring popularity.

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