Top 10 Internet Browsers That Best Suits The Needs Of Windows Phone

Internet Browsers

With the advent of technology umpteen changes have hit all the aspects of life. Be it personal or professional life, it has become almost impossible for people to imagine their life without technology.  Among all the gifts that technological advancement has given us, the access to internet is the most remarkable by these best Internet Browsers .Be it a kid or an elderly everybody can be found surfing the net. One can ideally surf internet for even 24 hours a day without even taking a single pause due to all the charms that it offers.

The role of internet cannot be denied in any case. Its role has become in one way or the other inevitable. Be it who so ever, internet plays a prominent role. Students may surf net for academics, housewives for finding recipes and professional for several reasons. The only reason for surfing net is the existence and availability of vast amount of material on it which is capable of satisfying the needs of each and everybody. Nobody gets ever disappointed by taking the help of the internet.

Having an access to internet is a gift but it becomes a boon is it is readily available. You cannot keep sticking to the computer or the laptop to surf the net. This thong has a tendency to spoil the charm of using it at the first place and additionally it becomes a burden more than a fun way of doing something. What you need at present is a readily available internet connection in your handset they you can access anytime and anywhere. If you have a windows phone then a perfect browser can act as a complement to your phone. You need not sit at one place to browse the information. Instead you can roam around the places and take the pleasure of surfing the net wherever you like. The strong connectivity and signals have acted as the icing on the cake for the internet users.

Now if we are talking about the Windows phone then there arises no question of using a random browser. You need the very best for you handset so that you can browse endlessly without having to face any problem. After all, surfing the net pleases you only if it is easy, quick and on the top of all easily accessible. Among all the browsers that have cropped up over the years under different names, there are certain that are the most suitable for you. These can provide you all the benefits that one wants. Here is a list of top 10 such browsers for your Windows phone:

  1. UC Browser:

Besides having a perfect user interface there are several other attractive aspects of UC Browser that fetches it a place in best of browsers. It is one of the most user friendly browser. Wi-Fi downloading and Bluetooth sharing are the most prominent features offered by this browser. It also allows the files to be saved to the SD card. Style for theme centre can be chosen by you as per your choice and preference pattern. The updates that it releases from time to time that too on the regular basis makes it even more popular among the users. You can enjoy the best of browsing services without having to face any type of interruptions.

Internet Browsers


  1. Maxthon Browser:

This user friendly browser is also one of the most preferred browser for the windows phone. It offers the best of browsing experience as it is a good performer that gives you an access to high performance. It is noticed for its remarkable performance. Additional feature is its cloud integration. Trident and Webkit are the two engines that the browser uses that are capable of handling new and old pages. The speed of the browser is also worth appreciating. It is very quick and prevents any sort of time wastage. All these features make it one of the most popular among the users.

Internet Browsers


  1. Opera Mini Beta:

One of the most attractive aspect of this browser is its availability in multiple platforms. This feature makes it more accessible for the internet users. It also compresses the page size thereby making browsing even more cheap by saving the data usage. It enhances the efficiency of browsing. It also focus on the safety aspect of the usage guaranteeing more security than any other browser. It is one of the most favorite choices of the users around the world.


  1. Nokia Xpress:

The most prominent of all the feature is that it compresses the web pages. This implies the data saving ability of the browser is quite high. It thereby allows faster access. The quick access is the pivotal feature of the browser. It offers you the magazine which organizes and compiles your favorite articles. You can also save pages for offline reading. This enables you to read the articles even when you are not using the internet or else to put it in other words you are offline.


  1. Surfcube 3D Browser:

Having an award winning 3D interface it is one of the best browsers that you can use. It consists a portal reading mode as well. You can also set open links to any page anywhere be it new or the background tabs by default. It possesses a fill HTML5 compatibility. You can also share links on Twitter, Facebook and other networks using this browser. Prevalence of desktop mode in addition to the private browsing is another benefit offered.


Internet browser

  1. Surfy:

Having made a place in the list of few preferred browsers, it also has tabs similar to what you can see on the desktop. Access to reading on a full screen is a significant feature. Also, it save data usage by 20 percent. Using this you can also enable private browsing and save images or download and open files or videos. It allows you the voice search option that uses Cortana.


  1. Internet Explorer:

here you can surf each and everything in the most convenient way that is possible. Type anything on the search bar and get the instant result. It allows you to sync across the devices. More than one tab can be opened at the same point of time.


  1. Touch Browser:

The browser arrives with the integrated alternatives of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Allowing full screen browsing by hiding the address and app bar is the vital feature that it offers. Multiple tabs can be opened simultaneously. Additionally, switching between the tabs is not at all a problem. It can be done in a smooth manner and also very quickly. So if you want to use and enjoy the use of multiple tabs then you can for sure have an access to this browser.


  1. Mini Browser:

A worth noting feature is that it supports the multi touch gestures. Around 15 tabs can be accessed simultaneously. It thereby increases the efficiency and the accessibility in addition to being more convenient and much faster. Switching between the pages is also not a cumbersome job, it is quite smooth, easy and quick. This indicates that if you are using this browser then you are enjoying the best of the facilities that you can.


  1. Microsoft Edge:

It is one of the new browser for the windows phone. The built-in search of the browser is supported and powered by the Bing. This can be replaced by google by intruding into the settings and changing it. It is quite a responsive browser that offers you the best speed for browsing. In addition to this it also a perfect and a clean browser. In other words this browser will never disappoint you. Especially, when it comes to accessibility it is the most dependable.

There are several other browsers that are present but out of all the browsers these are the few that have grabbed a place in the list of top ten browsers that are the most suitable for the windows phone. All these browsers share few common characteristics like easy accessibility, convenience and quick response. There are few among these ten that also acts economical by saving your data and reducing data usage by a certain percent.

In a fact that technology advances by leaps and bounds and each time it takes a leap it emerges with something new. Time is not far when you will hear of new browsers that arrive on the front and also you will notice that within no time they are able to secure a place for themselves in the handsets of many users. All this becomes possible only because these new browsers bring with them one new such feature that dominates the other browsers.

For a matter of fact, at present among all the browsers that exist, the above ten are the best and the most prevalent among all the browsers that suits the need of your windows phone as well as your needs. So till the time something new does not arrive you can enjoy the pleasures provided by these browsers and that too at the best of convenience.

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