Top 10 Personal Injury Lawyers In Atlanta

Top 10 Personal Injury Lawyers In Atlanta

A tumble and fall, a car accident, or medical misconduct do happen. Finding the right attorney is very important for the purpose of receiving compensation and justice you are entitled to. With so many legal firms asserting themselves to be more experienced in their area of proficiency, Obtaining the right lawyer could seem like an impossible quest. In order to ease your load, we’ve put together a list of Atlanta’s top 10 personal injury attorneys, who are recognized for their skill, success rate, and client satisfaction. Looking for justice may not be a walk in the park when an accident happens in Atlanta, Georgia’s capital city.

1. John Foy & Associates

With two decades of experience, this law company is well known for its steadfast advocacy of clients who have injured themselves. They have exposed a broad spectrum of issues, including wrongful death and catastrophic injuries. They are also renowned for their kind demeanor and spectacular courtroom achievements.

2. Morgan & Morgan

Morgan & Morgan’s Atlanta office is a powerful force in the area of personal injury law, with a staff of skilled trial attorneys and a nationwide presence. Several multimillion-dollar settlements for their clients have bored fruits as a result of their solid dedication to justice

3. The Angell Law Firm

This firm, led by Bryce Angell, is renowned for its unrelenting commitment to client satisfaction and its customized attention to every case. From consultation to settlement, clients are guaranteed to obtain the best possible counsel because of their thorough understanding of Georgia’s legal system.

4. Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. has locations in every corner of the state and has established credibility for expertise in personal injury litigation. In order to increase compensation for victims of negligence, their team of knowledgeable attorneys uses a well-articulated method.

5. Stokes & Kopitsky, P.A

This firm is well-known for its in-depth preparation and tenacious advocacy, having helped wounded clients get justice and settlements summing to millions of dollars. They have extensive experience in a variety of professional areas, such as medical misconduct, premises liability, and auto accidents.

6. Kaufman Law, P.C

Through the leadership of seasoned trial lawyer David Kaufman, this company takes credit for its unrelenting dedication to obtaining justice for the injured. For clients navigating through the aftermath of a personal injury, Kaufman Law, P.C. is a ray of hope, well known for its sympathetic client care and endurance in the courtroom.

7. Boling Rice, LLC

They have a team of qualified litigators who can tackle even the most complicated personal injury cases because they are well-equipped with the required knowledge and resources. Its emphasis on personal care and attention to detail makes clients trust Boiling Rice, LLC in Atlanta and beyond.

8. Kanner & Pintaluga

Their skills in a broad array of self-inflicted injury cases are spot on including product liability and premises liability. Their never-ending dedication to client advocacy and their unwavering quest for justice have resulted in a great deal of favorable outcomes.

9. The Millar Law Firm

Under the direction of seasoned trial lawyer Bruce Millar, this firm is committed to giving each client individual attention and tenacious defense. The Millar Law Firm is a dependable ally in the fight for justice, having demonstrated success in instances ranging from auto accidents to maltreatment in nursing homes.

10. The Weinstein Firm

The Weinstein Firm, dedicated to defending the rights of affected parties, is staffed by a group of knowledgeable lawyers who are well-versed in Georgia personal injury legislation. For people looking for justice in Atlanta, they are a top option because of their success in the past and client-centric approach.


The selection of an appropriate legal representative might be crucial in Atlanta’s personal injury situations. In addition to gaining the respect and trust of peers and clients, the above-mentioned firms and attorneys have proven their dedication to quality. People can handle the complexities of the legal system with confidence by hiring one of these top 10 personal injury attorneys because they will have a committed advocate working relentlessly on their side.

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