Top 10 places throughout India to have the most delicious desserts and baked items

delicious desserts

People, in general, are known to love desserts in almost any and every form, be it at any party or event, or simply just for the sake of having some quality dessert. So today we will be looking a list of the top 10 eateries across India, which are known for their most delicious desserts only. Read on to find out more.

Natural Ice Cream (Mumbai)

Natural Ice Cream (Mumbai)

Natural Ice Cream has branches and franchise in all parts of India, but the one in Mumbai is a true pioneer of homemade ice cream, and that too at some of the most interesting flavors that you can ever imagine.

Paradise Restaurant (Hyderabad) 


Hyderabad’s Paradise Restaurant and their native Qubani ka Meetha is simply mind blowing. Made with apricots, topped off with vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream, this dessert is a perfect end to your royal meal. Definitely order this the next time you are there.

Doodh Misthan Bhandar (Jaipur)


If you are in Jaipur, and want some kachoris and milk based sweets, then DMB is the ideal place to go to. You should definitely try their ras malai and rasgullas, along with their most famous pitha waali kachori. All the items available are simply delicious.

Ritz Restaurant (Lucknow)

Ritz Restaurant (Lucknow)

Lucknow’s Ritz Restaurant is the perfect place for having some delicious and quality motichoor ke laddoos. These savouries are succulent and moist, and made with the best quality ghee. You will feel dreamy when you have one of these.

Kuremal Mohanlal Kufi Wale (Delhi)


With such a long and hard to pronounce name, Delhi’s KMKW is the ideal place in northern India to have some delicious kulfis. With over fifty wonderful flavors, and fabulous taste, KMKW is perfect for any sweet tooth looking for some cold dessert.

Kayani Bakery (Pune) 


Being in existence since the days of the East India Company, Kayani adds a hint of colonial flavors in all its baked desserts and items. Food lovers can enjoy the wonderfully delicious Shrewsbury Biscuits with some tea, and savour its buttery flavor.

Chowk (Varanasi)

Chowk (Varanasi)

Varanasi’s Chowk is the perfect winter destination for anyone wanting to devour some malaiyo, a frothy, frizzy dessert or rather drink, which is made with milk foam along with almonds and pistachios.

The Chocolate Room (Ahmedabad)


Global chocoholics can simply flock to Ahmedabad to devour some of the finest chocolate candies, chocolate bars, and some hot chocolate at The Chocolate Room. Take your friends, family members and loved ones and simply enjoy the delicacies.

Nahoum and Sons (Kolkata)

Nahoum and Sons (Kolkata)

Nahoum in Kolkata is considered to be one of the oldest, and one of the finest bakeries in the eastern part of the country. The store has been around for many decades, and offers some of the finest pastries and tarts ever tasted by humans. The lemon tart, specially, is a wonderful delicacy.

Leopold Cafe (Mumbai)



If you are in the southern part of Mumbai, and want to enjoy some wonderful desserts that leave a beautiful after taste in your mouth, then you should definitely visit Leopold Cafe at least once.

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