Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Diwali: A Festival of Lights


It’s not only the bubbly inclination noticeable all around that makes you upbeat, or simply that it’s a decent time to appreciate before the coming of winter. There are numerous legendary and recorded reasons why Diwali is an awesome time to celebrate. What’s more, there are great reasons for Hindus why is Diwali celebrated as well as for all others to commend this extraordinary Festival of Lights. Diwali is the bubbly time where you shower all blessings and wishes to your buddies and relatives. Diwali Gifts include silver statues of Gods like Ganesh, Laxmi et cetera, delightful inside embellishments, Silver Coins and Gold coins among others.

Hindus have more than 33 million God’s and we celebrate practically the same number of celebrations and events in the honor of our divinities. However, in arguably Diwali is the best and the brightest of every one of them. Diwali is an extraordinary other celebration for the Hindus; it’s fairly a standout amongst the most anticipated and richly praised celebrations in India. It is that time when festivities turn into a lifestyle and in spite of the plunging temperature there is warmth noticeable all around. The shopping centers look welcoming, individuals spend lavishly to their soul’s substance and family get-together happen.

1.Goddess Lakshmi’s Birthday Goddess-Lakshmi's-Birthday

The Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi incarnated on the new moon day (amaavasyaa) of the Kartik month during the beating of the sea (samudra-manthan), thus the relationship of Diwali with Lakshmi.

2.Vishnu Rescued Lakshmi 

On this very day (Diwali day), Lord Vishnu in his fifth incarnation as Vaman-avtaara saved Lakshmi from the jail of King Bali and this is another reason of adoring Ma Larkshmi on Diwali.

3.Krishna Killed Narakaasur 

On the day going before Diwali, Lord Krishna killed the evil spirit ruler Narakaasur and safeguarded 16,000 ladies from his bondage.The festival of this opportunity continued for two days including the Diwali day as a triumph celebration.

4.The Return of the Pandavas 

According to the immense epic ‘Mahabharata’, it was ‘Kartik Amavashya’ when the Pandavas showed up from their 12 years of expulsion as a consequence of their annihilation in the hands of the Kauravas at the round of ivories (betting). The subjects who cherished the Pandavas praised the day by lighting the earthen lights.

5.The Victory of Rama The Victory of Rama

According to the epic Ramayana, it was the new moon day of Kartik when Lord Ram, Ma Sita and Lakshman came back to Ayodhya in the wake of vanquishing Ravana and overcoming Lanka. The natives of Ayodhya beautified the whole city with the earthen lights and lit up it more than ever.

6.Committed to kali pujo in Bengal Committed to kali pujo in Bengal

With regards to the legend of Goddess Kali, Bengal observes Kali Puja on Diwali. Kali Puja is hung on the night of the New Moon in the Bengali month of Kartik. It is said that Maharaja Krishnan Chandra of Nawadweep entreated everybody, in his space to love Kali. As this puja was essentially under the support of the rich and well known, it made due on a stupendous scale. Today, Kali puja is second in loftiness just to Durga puja in Bengal.

7.Unique day for the Sikh people group sikh diwali

Among the Sikhs, Diwali came to have unique essence from the day the town of Amritsar was enlightened on the arrival to it of Guru Hargobind who had been held hostage in the Fort at Gwalior under the requests of the Mughal sovereign, Jahangir. Consequently forward Diwali, as Baisakhi, turned into a day of journey to the seat of the Gurus. The third Sikh Guru Amar Das systematized Diwali as a Red-Letter Day when all Sikhs would assemble to get the Gurus favors.

8.Return of the pandavas to kingdom pandavas to kingdom

As per the colossal epic Mahabharata, it was Kartik Amavashya when the Pandavas showed up from their 12 years of expulsion as an aftereffect of their thrashing in the hands of the Kauravas at the round of shakers. The kinsmen who adored the Pandavas commended the day by lighting earthen lights.

In a nation as religiously assorted as our own there still might be a few more legends and myths about Diwali; yet every one of them is bound by a solitary soul. It is about the importance of good conquering malice, of trust engaging our hearts and souls. From murkiness unto light the trip conveys us nearer to ourselves.

  • How is Diwali celebrated? Happy-Diwali-Animated-Wallpapers-greetings

The celebration is set apart by substantial firecracker showcases, to recall the festivals which, as indicated by the legend, occurred upon Rama’s arrival as local people set off their own particular adaptation of firecrackers. Those praising the celebration additionally light conventional earthen diyas (candles) and adorn their homes with vivid rangoli craftsmanships designs made on the floor utilizing hued rice or powder. Although Diwali the festival of lights, families and companions offer desserts and endowments and there is likewise a solid confidence in giving sustenance and merchandise to those in need. It is likewise conventional for homes to be cleaned and new garments to be worn at the season of the celebration.

  • Why to light diwali candles? light diwali candles

The Diwali brightenings with lit diyas carry the otherworldly shine and bliss with the trust of discovering light in murkiness, accomplishing learning where there is obliviousness, and spreading love in the midst of hatred. Diwali is otherwise called the Festival of Lights. Light is huge in Hinduism since it means goodness. Along these lines, amid the Festival of Lights, ‘deeps’, or oil lights are blazed for the duration of the day and into the night to avert haziness and wickedness.

light diwali candles

Homes are loaded with these oil lights, candles and lights. A few people use designed diwali candles, some adorned diya or mud lights, and other enhancing lights and place them in their windows for the celebration. Customarily individuals use ‘earthen lights’ with cotton wicks and oil to illuminate the dull night. As man advances, custom offers approach to innovation. Likewise, earthen lights have supplanted candles of different hues and structures. Electric lights of various shapes and sizes enlighten the dim, frosty evenings of Diwali

The thought behind the Festival of Lights originates from different adaptations of an antiquated Hindu story. In northern India, the story tells about the heavenly Lord Rama’s arrival from a twelve-year oust and the festival by the general population for their adored saint. The devout and celebrating individuals brightened their city with candles and lights to welcome him back. In southern India, the story discusses the Goddess Durga’s triumph over the malicious evil spirit Narakasura. This triumph of good over abhorrence brought back the light of information and truth to humankind.

In the city, as somewhere else, Diwali festivities have gotten to be contemporary with regards to the evolving times. A decade ago, most city households used to enlighten their homes with the warm, shimmering brilliant lights of earthen lights. In any case, now, notwithstanding these diyas, wax candles of different hues and structures and hued electric globules of various shapes and sizes are lit up not long after dusk.

Which Diwali Sweets You Must Eat?

Diwali desserts are a fantastic decision, especially on the off chance that you wish to welcome loved ones on a promising day. It joins a broad assortment of desserts both standard and contemporary. With the ascent of new age gifting, boxes of chocolates are a most adored amongst revelers.

Chocolates are rich, heavenly, contemporary, and are perfectly squeezed. They may be sent to various destinations in the most trouble free way. Chocolates and candy parlors are in this manner expanding huge noticeable quality in new age gifting!

Diwali Sweets’ Shops

Diwali Sweets’ shops transform into the point of convergence of interest, as people throng the spot for delightful desserts and savories masterminded essentially for the bubbly occasion. With the extending awareness of living perils achieved due to horrible eating, living insightful revelers are floating towards strong nourishment. By far most make one of kind uncommon cases for the sweets for diwali when they need to stimulate themselves and burst the extra calories later.

Khoya Laddu Khoya Laddu

Cook the khoya in a low fire till it gets the opportunity to be splendid yellow shading. Allow it to cool for a long time and in the wake of cooling incorporates some coarsely powdered sesame seeds to the khoya and mix it well. Incorporate the sugar when the above mix gets the chance to be Lukewarm. Mix it well and make into the condition of little balls.

Kheer kheer

Pour milk in a skillet and air pocket it for two or three minute. Keep the flame low. Blend the milk reliably to wind up negligible thick. Put some sugar in the milk and perseveringly mix it until the sugar relaxes in the milk. Right when the milk is readied, put the rice into the milk and air pocket it until further notice and afterward while blending is at breaks.

So above are the best ways to celebrate Diwali now come on wrap the gifts you select, in a beautiful imaginative way. And don’t forget to label them with – “Shubh Deepawali”.

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