Top 10 Scams Online that you may fall for, Beware!

online scam

Scams very much happen around the internet, and the scammers will be forever searching for their prey who fall for their tricks. So, it is better to be well aware of such scams, how they happen, and what kind of information should we protect from getting stolen by the scammers.
But, all the online scams, whichever type of scam it is, follow a particular step by step process to get your privacy information. And this procedure, if we are aware of it, can prevent us from falling for these scammers. Mainly, it is the loopholes in the internet that is the reason behind many scams are happening.

Let us look into the top 10 scams online and their procedure in tackling the user from giving his privacy information:

1. Top Job Scam
Job Scam

These kinds of scam target mostly the job seekers or those who are searching for a job and try to steal their identity information by asking to fill an online credit form. To lure the user into doing this, they most probably would be behind a fake professional website or a phone interview that convinces you to believe their words.

2. Top Sweepstakes and Lottery Scam
Sweepstakes and Lottery Scam
Scams such as this happen and are visible on the internet in all social networking sites like Facebook, with banners displaying phrases like “You won! Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wants to send you $1 million.” Thereby, the user if clicks on the link given, will lose his all personal information and his contact list in the social networking site by giving his password credential to the scammer.

3. Top Social Media Scam
Social Media Scam
In these type of scams, the users are given a video link where the title of the video says something hidden mystery will be revealed. If the person clicks on the video, it will ask him to upgrade the player required to play the video. Then, instead of downloading the player update, a virus will be downloaded that steals all your passwords from the PC and reveals it to the scammer.

4. Top Check Cashing Scam

In these scams, the dealings with strangers will lead to tricks that we usually fall for. Once we agree on a deal with a stranger from an internet website like Craigslist, we usually agree to receive the money that the scammer lures us to take. The scammer writes us a check for a higher amount than that is promised, and asks us to write a check paying him for the difference. The check of the scammer bounces at the bank, and what else, our money is gone forever!

5. Top Phishing Scam

These scams involve taking us to the fake banking sites that steal our banking information.

6. Top Financial Scam

We may receive some offers from fake companies that lure us to pay to them the money that you have for an agreement that they will pay your mortgage payment now, clearing your debt completely. But, they don’t and you have much burden now!

7. Top Sales Scam

The scammers offer you the products that you are searching for at a very low price, and you will get attracted to it and go for buying. They will get all your banking information.

8. Top Pretentious Scam

You will receive an email from the scammer pretending to be the authority body that you have relationship with. They ask you to click on something in the email, and that’s it, you have got a new malware for your PC.

9. Top Software Scam

You will see an advertisement that says ‘free download’ of the movie that you are waiting to see for from a very long time. Once you click on it, you will get something new virus into your PC.

10. Top Services Scam

Through online, you may receive a discounted offer of the home services from the professionals who are experts in the field. When you go for it, instead of servicing professionals you have invited a bunch of thieves to your home.

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