Top 10 Famous Best Shimla Tourist Places One Should Visit

Planning to visit Shimla, check best shimla tourist places here and make your vacations memorable.Shimla is one of the most beautiful place to visit in India. It is the perfect amalgamation of natural beauty and historic elegance. It is no wonder that thousands of tourists go down to Shimla to spend a few days in this heaven on Earth.



  1. Kufri

A wonderful place to visit in Shimla, situated close to wonderful Himalayan range. It is a charming hill station of Shimla. It is famous as a wonderful hill station and almost every tourist want to visit Kufri, when visit Shimla. The pleasant and cool climate, along with eye-catching natural beauty, makes this place a wonderful summer getaway.

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best -shimla -tourist -places
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best -shimla -tourist -places
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best -shimla -tourist -places


  1. Mall Road

It is the main street of Shimla, the capital city. Whenever you plan to visit Shimla, you should visit Mall Road especially. Here you can shop whatever you want to purchase and enjoy the delicious foods.

Mall Road Image Shimla

Mall Road Shimla 2016

Mall Road Shimla Baljees

Mall Road Shimla -tourist Place

Mall Road SHimla

Neha ralli MAll road Image

  1. Indian Institute of Advanced Study

The IIAS (Indian Institute of Advanced Study) is a popular institute based on research in Shimla. Student’s from all over world coming here to complete their study and get higher knowledge. You should visit this as the exterior and surrounding place of this institute is really impressive.

Indian Institute- of Advanced Study

Indian -Institute of Advanced Study

Indian Institute of Advanced Study 11

Indian Institute of Advanced Study 111

Indian Institute of Advanced Study 1111

Indian Institute of Advanced Study shimla

  1. Jakhu Temple

When talking about tourist attractions in shimla, Jakhu hill and Jakhu Temple is one that comes in mind first. It is only just 2 kilometers far from the Ridge and it is an uphill climb throughout the good-looking deodar trees. This Temple is devoted to the God, Hanuman. This temple is situated at 2455 meters heights and is positioned on the uppermost peak in Shimla.

Jakhu temple - Best place to visit


Jakhu temple - Shimla

Jakhu temple -Best place to visit

Jakhu temple

  1. The Glen in

A copiously wooded jungle, Glenn is a well-known picnic spot which is situated approx 4 kilometers from the middle of Shimla. The wonderful coverage of deodar trees makes this place a tranquil and calm locale. It is famous as the Shimla’s playground where cricket, racing and polo can be played.


Shimla Glen Forest

Shimla Glen, fabulous!

Shimla The GLEN

  1. Christ Church

The popular Christ church of Shimla is a gorgeous masterpiece. The structure of this popular church took a time of 11 years and it is measured to be the 2nd oldest church in the region of North India. This impressive church is situated just close to the Ridge in Shimla and one can be easily reached from anywhere.

Christ Church in Shimla Tourist place

Christ Church in Shimla

Christ Church Shimla

Christ Church


  1. Tara Devi Temple Shimla

This amazing temple, situated in Shimla and it is a very popular tourist attraction of Shimla. Located just 11 kilometers from Shimla, this popular temple can be visited when you will travel to Kalka – Shimla National Highway.

Tara Devi Temple – Shimla

Tara -Devi -Temple – Shimla

Tara Devi Temple Shimla

  1. Viceregal Lodge

It is situated at the Observatory Hill’s top. This gleaming building supplied as the house of Lord Dufferin. Now, this Lodge has been changed into the six storey building and popular Institute of Advanced Studies still stands in the entire of its splendor.

Viceregal Lodge Shimla 1

Viceregal Lodge Shimla

Viceregal Lodge

  1. Kalibari Temple Shimla

The popular Kalibari Temple is a perfect tourist attraction and it is located at a very premeditated location. It was built in 1845 and is devoted to Goddess Kali who is even identified as Shyamala.

Kali Bari Temple Shimla



  1. Annandale

Located at just 2 kilometers distance from the middle of the city, Annandale is a beautiful picnic place which is a main attraction of tourist. One can unwind and relax over here and spend quality time as they deserve to.

Annandale Shimla

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