The Magnificent Autumn Shades in the Netherlands in 2020

Museum Jachthuis Sint Hubertus ( Copyright by Kanika Gupta)

Taking a tour through boulevards draped in autumn leaves with a shining yellow, golden and pink colors is worth chasing seasonal glamour. And if you are in the Netherlands, nothing could be as pleasant as the autumn shades that apparently look like a pastel painted canvas. And these are more evocative during the months of September till November.

Morning view in Hoge Veluwe

This was my first season of the year in the Netherlands when I got the chance to celebrate the charm of eye-catching colors. So, how could I skip taking the glimpse of scintillating townscapes, forests and parks. Hop on a bike/car or choose to step into the woods to enchant nature’s essence and mesmerizing landscapes. You can’t just walk through, ignoring the flamboyance of mother nature and not capturing the shots around. Check out which places I didn’t miss to witness the magnificent Autumn shades in the Netherlands in 2020.

De Hoge Veluwe

Since I live in Amstelveen, it was a journey of around 1 hour by car( about 92 Km) with my husband and a couple of good friends to the green heart of the Netherlands and the National Park, the Hoge Veluwe. Before we reached, we were already confronted by the stunning fire colors of the trees on either side and the roads covered with enormous falling leaves.

Autumn shot in The Hoge National Park( Copyright by Kanika Gupta)
De Hoge Veluwe National Park
Free White Bikes with extra child seat at the back
Autumn leaves, De Hoge Veluwe

After parking the cars(€3,90 near the entrance), it took us just a few minutes to buy the tickets( no cash accepted due to Corona pandemic and were requested to fill/scan a health form). We used the white bikes (for free)with child seats( that we used to hold our lunch bags) to wander freely throughout the 40 km park to make our way across as many destinations as possible in a day. Around 1800 Dutch bikes(with coaster brakes) are available in the park, so don’t worry you will never be short of one.

Parking for Bikes near the Museum
Water reflection of trees in Autumn

Well, you can choose to take your car or motorbike too, but then you need to pay an extra of 7.75€. Inside the park, you find a variety of flora and fauna, art and architecture, cafes and WC. We clicked pictures around one of the iconic buildings, the Museum Jachthuis Sint Hubertus built in 1920 and was a former residential English country house. We sat on the nearby benches there and enjoyed a picnic lunch with a cup of tea.

Entrance to the Museum Jachthuis Sint Hubertus
Jachthuis Sint Hubertus museum and lake view
Jachthuis Sint Hubertus museum, view from the other side

The evening ride was quite adventurous as it was getting darker and we had to look our ways out so that we could leave the place by 6pm. and I truly believed that we could have a better chase for colors if we would have arrived a week earlier. For enhanced and dense coverage, prefer last weeks of September.  

Amazing landscapes in De Hoge Veluwe

Cost of the ticket– 10.95 € for adults, 5.50€ for kids aged 6-13 years.

Timings: 09.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m

Please note: Do not forget to move back before it’s too dark. As free bikes have no lights on them, so we chose to use our mobile flash lights. If you get stuck and do not find a way out, you can dial an alarm number written on bike rods.

Enjoying the dusky view with friends inside the National park


It’s a free entry park with a lot of stuff, amusement and activities for children. Just 4.5 km far off my place and takes about 20 minutes by bicycle. You will be extremely delighted to see pony horses, kangaroos, goose, ostrich, llamas and birds. The plants and trees appear so beautifully colored as if nature has added some automatic filters to enhance the panoramic view.

Impressive Autumn colors in Amstelpark
Stunning colors in Amstelpark
Fir trees, conifer trees

You will notice large playgrounds, exhibition houses, catering services and an Amsteltrein  (that requires a ticket bought at a station near the entrance) crossing the Rosarium, the Rhododendron Valley and the Riekermolen every half an hour. We took our own bikes which we parked outside the park and walked through the bridge to spend our day amidst amazing color pops.

A Pony horse
The two little Kangaroos
Ground covered with fallen Autumn leaves

Amsterdamse bos

The Amsterdam forest named Amsterdamse Bos allows you to take a majestical walk through the woods, go sailing, feed or cuddle the goats, physical workout activities, horse riding, a bike ride, swim in summers, rowing, camping and enjoy the sunrise behind the lush green vegetation. It just takes 15 minutes to reach the park and have fun out there. And do you know that this park was built using unemployment relief in 1930. It is as magical in autumn as it looks is springs. I am a frequent visitor to the Bos and Broersepark. I love to stroll through the wilderness for rejuvenation.

Amsterdamse bos

Swimming pool in Amsterdamse bos
Goatfarm, Amsterdamse Bos
A child feeding goats


I am fond of this park because it’s quite soothing to ears listening to the musical voices of chirping birds inside the park. Seeing a dancing peacock and geese floating on water creates vivid memories of the evening. A war memorial at the entrance and a short foot bridge crossing the greenery also adds meaning to the park.

Broersepark, Amstelveen
Colorful birds inside the Broersepark

Autumn shades on the way in Amstelveen

The radiant autumn is almost about to leave us soon but festive season is yet to be planned wisely. And if you are planning to have a cheerful Christmas Eve and celebrate it on cloud nine, then do not miss reading my previous blog.


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